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In 2015, the UN developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals, one is Climate Action. Now, more than ever, this feels particularly poignant as we see the rise of global climate disasters effecting millions of our friends around the world. In January 2020 we declared a climate emergency alongside our peers in the travel industry. We also announced that all customers booking from 1 January 2020 onwards would be booking a carbon neutral holiday, and we operate from a carbon neutral office.

Big statements, but these alone will not help the path on which we walk towards global disaster. This requires change, change from ourselves, competitors, airlines and crucially government.

We encourage you to fly less; experience more.

Possibly an unusual statement for a tour operator, but we stand by it. Have one holiday abroad for two weeks, rather two holidays for one week each. Travel by train to your destination, fly back. Spend more time in your destination to truly immerse yourself, experience more and come back enriched. These are just some ideas, we all have unique situations, but your changes do matter whatever their size.

In Nelson House (our headquarters in Hampshire) we are working hard to provide clear, concise information around rail travel. We have amazing holidays in Europe, and with great rail links on our doorstep we should be utilising these better. Until the time we can book these for you, check out our rail information or websites such as man in seat 61.

We are reviewing which airlines we work with, assessing how we prioritise routes, partners and auditing our carbon footprint both in the office and overseas. We are challenging our agents to use the most efficient transportation they can on tour, asking our hotels to significantly reduce their plastic use and energy consumption. We are checking the itineraries of our trips to make sure they are planned efficiently and discussing how we negotiate areas of overtourism to best experience some of the wonders of our world.

Whilst we make changes within, we look for regulatory action from the government; discussions continue around air passenger duty increases, taxes on frequent flyers, research and development in aircraft fuel because we need a total decarbonisation in our industry and beyond.

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