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Introducing the Explore Foundation

Supporting projects and initiatives in the countries we visit has been part of Explore’s DNA for many years. Setting up a Foundation has been a long-held aspiration of ours, to put a structure behind that support and enable us to fulfil our ambitious goals of improving the lives of many more people.  

As a registered charity, the Explore Foundation is managed by an independent Board of Trustees, yet it benefits from Explore Worldwide’s huge community of overseas partners and contacts. Through this network, the Foundation identifies and supports projects in countries that Explore customers visit, working to deliver support where it’s most needed. Explore covers all administration costs, so 100% of donations to the Foundation go directly to supporting our chosen projects. 

The Foundation’s mission? To positively impact the lives of communities worldwide. Supporting grassroots projects that target poverty, increase access to education and healthcare, and promote conservation. And with that goal always in mind, we’re launching The Explore Foundation with two projects very close to our hearts: Lone Buffalo in Laos and One Bike in Tanzania.
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About Lone Buffalo

Over 70% of Laotians live on just $2 per day, and in the country’s rural areas their young people have little access to a structured education. Laotian children face many barriers to Higher Education. There is often a lack of knowledge about the different paths available, and how to get there. Parents may also be reluctant for their children to continue in education while they could be earning a useful wage.  Develop Together aims to give Upper Secondary students access to expert workshops and learning opportunities, all aimed at continuing their journey towards Higher Education. The programme is hugely varied, offering modules on everything from financial literacy and CPR training to presentation and communication skills. 
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About One Bike

Located at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, OneBike is a social enterprise that uses bicycles to empower and improve the local community through education, environmental awareness and promoting sustainable tourism.

Transport is a crucial issue for most rural people in Tanzania. It’s expensive and unreliable, so people regularly walk long distances to access basic services such as school or healthcare facilities and to the market which may be the main source of income for families. Movement is a major factor in economic and social inclusion and development. People in remote areas, and women in particular, are often limited because of their restricted mobility, being unable to reach places because of cost or logistics. Bicycles are known to be a significant tool for dealing with that restricted mobility.

One Bike donates bicycles, including tools and spare parts alongside basic mechanics training to people in disadvantaged or marginalised communities. The bikes and the skills to maintain them offer people easier access to essential services, and open up opportunities to engage in education and employment outside of their immediate location.
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Why have we set up the Explore Foundation? Watch our interview to find out