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Explore plastic free and Water-to-Go

We want to be single-use plastic free by the end of 2020.
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When examining the UN sustainable development goals, and addressing which are most pertinent to ourselves, number 12; ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, felt intrinsically linked with tourism. Human consumption of material goods, their packaging, our food waste and energy use are wound through all elements of our lives, and not least our business; from head office through to the day to day running of a trip.
So where do we start? We’ve made great progress in our head office. Now we need to really examine our trips and supply chain.  
Explore wants to be completely single use plastic free on our tours by the end of 2020.
It feels like this should be an attainable goal. We have an internal dedicated group of staff working with our agents and tour leaders to make this possible. We have discussion forums with our local agents to ensure we create strategies that work on the ground, and are not just created and pushed out from our head office. We consult with industry professionals and peers to also shape our guidance and hopefully create robust strategies to meet this goal.
It’s got to work, right? But in reality these projects inevitably create ripples much further than anticipated, highlighting weakness not previously noticed.
Our starting point is to stop all single use plastic bottles from being provided on our trips. The next step is a full supply chain analysis and zero single use plastic.
We are working really hard to confidently declare we are plastic free in 2021, but we will need your help. We have set up several different ways to provide feedback, highlighting areas which need improvement, and with your support we can all work together for a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

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