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Meet Amy

Amy Fiske is an adventurous globetrotter who embarked on her journey with Explore in December 2021. With a long-standing dream of exploring Japan, she wasted no time in making her travel aspirations a reality by booking our Simply Japan tour in just a few weeks! Having initially hit the European and American highlights, Amy's ready to discover new horizons and immerse herself in diverse cultures.

Our Benin & Togo Voodoo trip is top of her list followed by Mexico and Alaska. Amy's unique aspiration sets her apart as a budding "Haunted Travel Expert." She is on a quest to investigate the eerie and mysterious aspects of destinations worldwide, striving to uncover the supernatural stories that hide beneath the surface. She believes myths and legends are a missed insight into a country’s history and culture. Amy is undoubtedly a traveller to watch as she explores both the known and the unknown.

​Explore trips done by Amy:

  1. Simply Japan
  2. Highlights of Andalucia Spain

Amy's Explore trips wishlist:

  1. Best of Romania and the Danube Delta
  2. Benin and Togo Voodoo Discovery
  3. Costa Rica Wildlife Tour
  4. Contrasts of Mexico

Area of expertise

  1. Japan
  2. USA
  3. Paranormal destinations

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