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Meet Nadine

Growing up in Australia, I was lucky to have a father whose job took him to exotic destinations. I remember looking over his photographs of distant lands and thinking, 'That's exactly what I want to do!' While most teenagers had posters of celebrities on their walls, I had a world map with pins marking the places I had to visit. My first trip was a student exchange to Japan at 12 years old, and I was hooked! In my early 20s, I relocated to Europe to become a tour leader, and it was one of the best jobs I ever had.

Over time, I moved to the UK, where I've been fortunate enough to work in operations and, ultimately, product development. Nothing brings me more joy than designing a tour and hearing that people had the trip of a lifetime. I truly believe that the best education one can have is through travel—seeing a culture different from your own, stepping out of your comfort zone, and ultimately realizing that we are all human—is a lesson that can only be taught by getting out there. Choosing a favourite country is like choosing a favourite child—impossible! But places I hold close to my heart include Bavaria, West Ireland, Northern Spain and Egypt. On my life's bucket list are Tanzania, India, and Antarctica.

​Explore trips done by Nadine:

  1. Cuba Libre

Nadine's Explore trips wishlist:

  1. Explore Jamaica
  2. Contrasts of Mexico + Yucatan Peninsula
  3. Central American Explorer

Area of expertise

  1. Europe
  2. Central America
  3. Australia & New Zealand

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