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10 Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips to Book in July

From exploring the tropical jungle waterways of Costa Rica to swimming with manta rays in the Maldives, we have plenty of inspiration to whet your appetite.


1. Simply Japan

As you enter the Fudo-do Temple, an eerie stillness fills the air and you wait with anticipation for something to happen. Then, without warning, the silence is broken and spiritual chants echo around the temple’s walls. Ancient texts are recited as flames leap from the sacrificial fire and huge taiko drums thunder into action. A truly mesmerising ceremony believed by many to cleanse the soul of those who witness it. 
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2. Mekong Delta and Angkor

Rising early, we pedal through the jungle, carried along by the joyful sound of wild animal calls and bird song. Arriving at the majestic Temples of Angkor, we look on in awe of this sacred city and watch it transform as the sun comes up. Beams of light illuminate ancient statues and the jagged towers look stark against the fiery red skies. A display worth getting out of bed for!
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3. Rajasthan - Land of the Maharajahs

For a Taj Mahal experience to remember, we’ll rise before dawn and escape the hustle and bustle of Indian city life to enjoy the peaceful ambience of this magnificent mausoleum before daybreak. In the cool morning light, the sun’s soft rays tickle the glistening ivory-white marble domes and the divine symmetry of this seemingly celestial building is truly captivating.
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4. Maldives Dhoni Cruise

See the Maldives from a different perspective when you travel by boat. Dive into the crystal clear, aquamarine waters of the Maldives Meemu Atoll and be dazzled by an astonishing array of tropical wildlife beneath the surface. Gently glide along the reef and discover a spellbinding underwater world of untouched natural beauty and organic wonder. Keep a look out for manta ray, inquisitive turtles, vibrant clown fish, and perhaps even a friendly reef shark!
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5. Family Rainforest Adventure

Get ready for a day of jungle exploration as we cruise under the canopy via a labyrinth of narrow canals and lagoons on route to Tortuguero, Costa Rica. This ‘mini Amazon’ is home to an abundance of birds and fish, and the beady eyed amongst you will spot heron, stork and kingfisher along the way. We’ll spend the night at an idyllic lodge nestled on a slither of land between the Caribbean Sea and the rainforest.
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6. Amalfi Coast Walking

If spectacular views are on your wishlist, you’re in for a treat. Join this unforgettable hike that descends over 700 metres from our base at the family-run agriturismo and along the Ancient Republic’s Pathway to Amalfi. The stunning coastal trail boasts picture-postcard views of red-roofed Italian houses spilling down the steep hillside towards the deep azure blue sea and sheltered harbour - have your camera at the ready!
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7. Adventures in Patagonia

The craggy peaks of Mount Fitz Roy tower above as you make the final climb and ascend over the brow of the trailhead. With your heart pounding, your breath becomes short and you gasp at the view before you; a magnificent lake of glistening aquamarine with a vast glacier at its source - worth every step to see.
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8. Walking in Lanzarote

Take a moment to soak it all in and stand high on the ridges of the imposing Famara cliffs on Lanzarote. Gaze at the fizzing El Rio waters separating you from the neighbouring island of La Graciosa, and admire the perfectly formed volcanic cones that emerge abruptly from the dusty golden plateau.
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9. South Africa's Garden Route

Embark on a journey of South Africa’s most iconic road trip - the Garden Route. From lively penguin colonies to world-renowned wine-tasting experiences, there’s plenty of unforgettable memories to be made on this route. You’ll even explore and sleep at the coastal Tsitsikamma National Park, and visit the Addo Elephant National Park to spot these gentle giants, as well as zebra and antelope.
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10. Classic Peru

You’ll never forget the moment you see an Andean Condor for the first time on your adventure in Peru. Soaring high above the vast river gorge of the deep Colca Canyon in search of carrion on which to feed, this New World vulture is the largest flying land bird in the world with a maximum wingspan of 3.3 metres!
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