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10 places to go in April

Wondering where to go in April? See Japan's famed cherry blossom, walk the Great Wall of China or come face-to-face with Bengal tigers in India's Ranthambore National Park.
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While cherry blossom season officially begins in March, the flowers really come into their own at the beginning of April. It’s busier at this time but embrace the crowds and bring your camera to document the blossoms. The phenomenon occurs across the country, beginning in the south and rolling upwards to Hokkaido Island, which is the coldest part of the country. Our Shogun Trail holiday combines rustic, rural charm with cities aglow with neon lights – it’s a feast for the senses and offers a great opportunity for spotting blossoms in a variety of locations.
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Travelling to Morocco in the spring means the chance to see the magnificent contrast of the dusty red desert against the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains. The temperatures have not yet reached the peaks of the summer, and in the mountains it’s particularly pleasant for exploring, with springtime flowers flanking the trails and crisp, clear skies. Head off on our Best of Morocco holiday to lose yourself in the ancient cities, walk in Morocco’s answer to the Grand Canyon – the Todra Gorge – and among the peaks of the Middle Atlas.
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Go in search of manta ray as you island-hop on a traditional dhoni boat in the Maldives. An abundance of plankton attracts large squadrons of these gentle ocean giants in April, giving you the best chance of seeing these curious creatures. As they gracefully glide through the crystal-clear aquamarine waters, dive in to get a closer look. Uncover a vibrant underwater world of fluorescent coral, teeming reefs and an array of marine wildlife in this exotic archipelago. 
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April is a great time to visit China: southern cities like Hong Kong will still be cool, and more importantly the temperatures will be much more pleasant for walking part of the Great Wall. There’s also much less rain in the spring than during the peak summer months. Take advantage of the Easter holidays on our Highlights of China tour, which combines immersive experiences in Xi’an and Beijing with walking part of the Great Wall.
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Greece can get busy in the summer months. Go early in April to avoid the crowds and you will find your photographs at the classic tours sights blissfully devoid of tourists. Our tour of the Peloponnese takes in Athens’ Acropolis, the perched ruins of Delphi, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and an excursion to Epidavros.
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Head off on our Festivals of Bhutan holiday in April and your departure will coincide with one of the country’s most famous annual festivals: Paro. Taking place in Paro dzong monastery, the festivities draw thousands of visitors to watch masked dances and hear stories of good triumphing over evil. This is a chance to experience a traditional festival surrounded by locals – there will be a few other tourists, but due to the limited numbers of people travelling to Bhutan, the numbers will be small.
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Get to know the ‘real’ Jamaica during April – Carnival month! – and you’ll get to see the country at its most vibrant. Take the carnival extension to our Explore Jamaica holiday to make the most of the festivities, and travel away from the five-star resorts to some of the island’s beautiful mountainous areas, secluded blue lagoons and jerk restaurants. You’ll have four nights at Kingston’s annual carnival, which culminates in a huge street party.
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Combine a family holiday with Easter celebrations in Andalucía, where you’ll get to experience Semana Santa, the famous Holy Week. Andalucía is a great place to experience this religious festival, where thousands of people take part in street processions with enormous floats carrying religious statues to the churches. Travel on our self-guided Andalucia walking holiday and you can time your dates exactly to fit with the festival, plus you’ll have the freedom to spend as much time as you like observing the festivities. What’s more, if you fly into Seville you’ll have the chance to view some of the most spectacular parades – Seville is famous for its extravagant celebrations.
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Jordan is a fantastic destination for families, with warm hospitality, stunning landscapes and endless activities to keep kids and teens entertained. Travelling in April means warm but not scorching hot temperatures, making it more comfortable for travelling and bedding down, Lawrence of Arabia-style, in Bedouin camps. Particular highlights of our Family Jordan adventure include exploring the Mars-like dunes of Wadi Rum, and swimming in both the Red Sea and Dead Sea.
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The Easter school holidays provide (at least) two leisurely weeks off school, and what better way to make the most of the time off than with a family trip to India? Our ten day India Golden Triangle family adventure is a perfect introduction to this magical country. There’s nowhere on earth more colourful, culturally diverse and energetic than India, so it’s perfect for busy and inquisitive minds. What’s more, April is also one of the best times to see tigers in Ranthambore National Park.
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