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10 places to go in May

Wondering where is best to go in May? Whether you’re looking to trek an iconic trail or get a dose of culture on a city break with a difference, we can provide a dose of inspiration.



Take a trip to the Caucasus Mountains in May and you’ll find the landscape blanketed in wildflowers – with the peaks still dusted with snow, you’ll enjoy fabulous contrasts, so it’s perfect for keen landscape photographers. Walk through the mountain villages of Kazbegi and Gergeti, seeking out hilltop churches with a backdrop of jagged summits, while the lower slopes are carpeted in velvety green.
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The Danube Delta is paradise for birdwatchers, and during May the Romanian port of Tulcea becomes a meeting point for thousands of migrating birds. These join the plentiful resident population creating an abundance of varied birdlife, including the world’s largest known breeding group of white pelicans. The best vantage point is from a houseboat, gliding effortless through the delta. We stay on board these floating barge-style hotels on our Best of Romania tour – you can wake up early and watch the birds right from the deck.
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For an action-packed experience of Turkey, complete with cycling, kayaking, walking and more, our Active Turkey trip is the perfect way to experience the Mediterranean. Soak in stunning views from the summit of Mount Bozkaya before indulging in a Turkish steam bath. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Xanthos, where you’ll canoe down Xanthos River and may even spot vibrant kingfishers. Whether on foot, bike or boat, this is an itinerary you’ll never forget.
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While the white-washed buildings of Santorini and idyllic sandy beaches of the Cyclades look beautiful at any time of the year, May brings a pleasant average high temperature of around 24 degrees. With just a light jacket for the evenings, this time of year is perfect for wandering the islands of Greece, beginning with a walking tour of Athens. Explore the rugged coastline of Syros, sample homemade ice cream in Paros, and taste wine in Santorini.
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Just at the beginning of Morocco’s hot season, May is an idyllic time to visit for sun-soaked sightseeing. However, if you’re hoping to avoid the warmer weather, the Atlas Mountains boast cooler temperatures of around eighteen degrees, making it the perfect time for trekking to the summit of Toubkal. Take in the springtime blooms on the slopes of the Atlas Mountains as you visit Berber villages, before your ascend North Africa’s highest peak.
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May is dry season in Peru, meaning sunny days, a high chance of clear blue skies and lush, green landscapes as the rainy season draws to a close. It also means chilly nights, so you’ll want to pack wisely – plenty of down and thermal layers – if you’re planning an Inca Trail trek. It’s also the start of peak trekking season; although the trails will be less crowded at this time of year, you’ll still need to book your trip in advance so the correct trekking permits can be obtained in good time.
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Croatia’s azure waters and polished pebble beaches are a draw at any time of the spring and summer but May avoids the busiest peak period and the school vacations. Beat the crowds on our Cycle the Dalmatian Coast tour and you’ll not only escape the heat of July and August, but also enjoy crisp, sunny days ideal for walking and enjoying the vibrant colors of the late springtime blossom.
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Uzbekistan is a land of great contrasts, and its weather is particularly varied from freezing winters to red-hot summers. Travel in May and you’ll time your trip perfectly for the pleasant shoulder season, which is typically warm and dry but less oppressive – this is a desert region, after all. It’s the perfect weather for exploring the azure-tiled buildings of Samarkand and the beautifully-preserved city of Khiva on a Silk Road tour.
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Albania’s lush landscapes really come into their own in the spring, with May and June being one of the best times to visit to escape the high heat of the coastal summers or the bracingly cold winters of the mountainous interior. You can expect ideal conditions for an Albania walking trip, with beautiful spring wildflowers carpeting the meadows and valleys, and quieter trails, too. Fewer fellow travelers gives you better opportunities for encountering the traditional way of life in remote villages, many of which you’ll pass en route.
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Perennially-popular Portugal may be favored in the high summer months of July and August, but May is the start of the summer season with pleasant, rising temperatures and a blissful lack of tourists. Choose a walking trip to Portugal during May and you’ll likely enjoy bright sunny days, blooming wildflowers and great temperatures for walking, with the promise of summer just around the corner.
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