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6 top walks for fall

Fall is a great time of year to get the most out of your hikes. Take in beautiful colors at a quieter time of year when temperatures are more comfortable - fall really is ideal for a walking trip.


1. Walk the Great Wall of China

Walking the Great Wall of China is an incredible experience. While the Wall stretches for some 5,000 miles, our walking tour focuses on some of the most interesting and scenic sections of its eastern end. Starting with the place where the wall touches the Bohai Sea at 'Old Dragon's Head', (there was once a dragon figure-head built into the keep), it sweeps through the countryside to the north of Beijing. Walking the Great Wall of China under fall's clearer skies, you can take in the iconic views, such as Jinshanling's chain of watch towers stretching over the red and yellow hills, at their best.

2. Amalfi Coast Walking

Following ancient footpaths that wind through terraced lemon groves and traditional villages, a walking tour of the Amalfi Coast is truly a treat for the senses. The temperature throughout the fall season is pleasantly warm, making this an idyllic time for trekking, as well as avoiding the crowds from the summer. Walking along the Amalfi Coast in this season allows one to savor the cool breeze, relish the quieter beaches, and indulge in the flavors of freshly harvested seasonal produce.

3. Walking in The Azores

For a unique walking experience in Europe, the Azores archipelago is hard to beat with its offering of  hikes around volcanic crater lakes, through historic harbour towns, and along craggy coastlines. During September and October the migratory paths of humpbacks and sperm whales pass by the Azores, making it a good time for whale watching. Walking on five unspoilt islands you'll experience a variety of terrains and interesting geological features including lava caves and fajã lagoons.

4. Hiking the Corfu Trail

Hiking the Corfu Trail in fall gives you ample opportunity discover the friendly hospitality and beautiful scenery of Corfu. Take in the beautiful harbour town of Kalami (where the Durrell family lived), and walk to the highest peak on Corfu, Pantokrator, for panoramic views over the island, the Mediterranean Sea, and Albania beyond. Choose from a one week walking vacation in Corfu or two weeks hiking the 220km Corfu Trail, both ideal in fall thanks to comfortable temperatures and fewer tourists. 

5. Walking Montenegro and the Croatian Islands

Hiking the trails of Montenegro and Croatia in fall is a great way to see these two beautiful Balkan countries away from the main tourist trails; it's quieter, the colors of nature are changing to mark the new season and the Adriatic Sea is at its warmest for a refreshing dip. Wander through quaint villages in Montenegro, hike to the edge of the Green Lake on Mijet in Croatia and enter medieval Dubrovnik on foot. Whether you love to get know a place through meeting the locals, discovering the beautiful architecture or soaking up stunning views from the trails, you won't go wrong on our Montenegro and Croatian Islands walking tour.

6. Walking in Jordan

Fall is a great time to take in all that Jordan has to offer on our Spice Trails of Petra tour. With slightly cooler, but still warm, temperatures you can wander comfortably. Walk through the mountains of Jordan's Southern Desert to the ancient city of Petra and an unforgettable view of its imposing Monastery and wind your way through the impressive gorge of the Siq to the iconic Treasury. After a day spent walking through the Wadi Rum Desert amid red, purple and yellow sands, relax under a star-filled sky in a traditional Bedouin camp - a magical experience that stays with you. 

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