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7 foods you must try in Jordan

Here’s our list of must-try dishes for your visit to Jordan. Sahtain wa Afiyah! (Bon appetite - or literally translated as ‘I wish you health and wellbeing’)



Hummus is one of the best-known Middle Eastern foods around the world, and in Jordan you can expect hummus to be served with the majority of meals. The hummus in Jordan is far from the supermarket-bought hummus we’re used to at home. Perfectly smooth, the hummus has the perfect balance of chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and lemon, and is most often served with flatbreads still warm from the oven. Warning: hummus will never be the same again once you get back home. There’s also Fattet hummus to try. This twist on the classic dip uses bread that has been soaked in broth, tahini and lemon juice and offers a light and fluffy texture. 


We’re confident that you’ll try some of the best falafel of your life whilst travelling in Jordan. You’ll find freshly-fried falafel ready to try in the majority of restaurants, served with all the trimmings of crunchy salad, tzatziki or hummus and warm pitta bread. 


The fattoush salad is a popular dish in traditional mezzes. A fresh simple salad dressed in a zesty vinaigrette with crisp fried pitta croutons. Mezze comes from the Persian word meaning “to taste” and consists of lots of small plates of both hot and cold dishes to try, a similar experience to tapas.  


Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan and is traditionally eaten communally with your hands. The Mansaf dish primarily consists of sticky white rice and chicken or lamb, mixed with fresh parsley, spices, fried peanuts and topped with lashings of cool yoghurt. Served with bread to use as your cutlery, a shared mansaf is a great way to bring a group of travellers together.  


Moutabel is a popular mezze side dish, made with roasted eggplant and mixed with herbs, yoghurt peppers, tahini and garlic.  This classic Jordanian dish is similar to Baba Ganoush in texture but the yoghurt thickens the dip - great for dipping fresh Khubz bread into. 


Get ready to sink your teeth into the gooey dessert that is Kanafeh. This decadent dish is made with white cheese, topped with crunchy pastry, crumbled pistachios and cashews and drenched in a sweet syrup. The hours of walking around sites like Petra and Jerash will earn you a decent slab of this delicious dish. 

Mint lemonade

Mint lemonade, known as Limonana, is the national drink of Jordan and is a perfect thirst-quenching drink after those long days exploring. You can find Limonana served at the majority of restaurants and it made using a bunch of fresh spearmint, lemon, sugar and ice blended until it’s a ‘slushie’ consistency. It is intensely tart and full of flavour. 


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