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7 questions answered about your first walking vacation

Whether it's the first time you've considered a walking tour or your first walking tour with Explore, we’ve answered our most-asked questions to help you choose the perfect walking trip.


1. How fit do I need to be for an Explore walking trip?

The required fitness levels for our walking trips can vary depending on the walking vacation you choose. To help you choose a walking trip to suit your fitness level, we’ve given all of our tours a grade. Our helpful grades also indicate how much preparation you may need to do before you depart for your trip. For the majority of our walking tours, no training is needed.

When researching walking trips, check the trip page to find its grade.

2. Do I need to walk with a group?

A walking trip is a great way to meet like-minded people who share your hobby. You’ll always have someone to keep you company along the route, but you don’t always have to walk together. Often our Explore walking groups naturally split into smaller numbers, depending on their pace. Your leader will make sure you re-group when needed.

3. Will I get some downtime on a walking vacation?

Yes, most of our walking trips have rest days built into the itinerary. Again check the grade of the tour – easier graded trips are more likely to have rest days and shorter walking days. If you’re keen to have plenty of time to try local food and drink and explore the destinations in depth, go for an easier grade walking trip.

4. Will someone be transporting our luggage?

On nearly all of our walking trips your luggage will be transported for you between accommodation. Check the trip page for details of luggage transfers.

We do recommend you still carry a small daypack for water, a camera, a small first aid kit and any extra clothing and sun protection you may need.

5. Can I opt out of any of the walking?

If you feel you need an extra day to relax during your trip, it is possible to opt out of walking. Your Explore Leader will arrange transport for you if needed.

You can increase your amount of ‘downtime’ by choosing an easier grade trip, which have plenty of rest time so you can rejuvenate after each day’s walking. Also look out for our centre-based walking trips. On these vacations you’ll stay at the same accommodation throughout and take different walks each day. If you’re on one of these trips you’ll have the option to stay and do your own thing for the day if you’d like to.

6. Do we still walk in bad weather?

This will be up to your Explore Leader. Of course you will not walk in extreme weather, but usually we don’t let a little rain stop us! So unless the weather is really bad, it’s likely the trip will continue as normal. But you will always have a choice and can opt out if you feel you really don’t want to walk.

7. What do I need to take on a walking trip?

This will vary depending on where you decide to go and we provide detailed advice on individual trip notes. Our general tip for walking clothing would be to pack layers as the weather can always be unpredictable. A decent pair of walking boots is essential. We recommend getting walking boots that are a little larger than your normal shoe size, to allow for a thick pair of socks (or even liner socks and thick socks together to prevent blisters). And don’t take new boots on your walking trip – try to break them in by wearing them around the house or on walks before you leave for your trip.

Your Explore Leader will have a full first aid kit but we recommend having a small first aid kit in your daypack. Also make sure you’ve got at least one water bottle. You may want to consider a pair of trekking poles for harder graded trips.


Ready to book your first Explore walking trip?

We’ve got a huge selection of walking and hiking tours to extraordinary destinations. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely walk through vineyards in Spain or a trekking trip in Patagonia, we’ve got a trip to suit you.

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