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Clean Up Your Act This World Cleanup Day

Now in its tenth year, World Cleanup Day brings together millions of people, in 150 countries, with the aim of cleaning up the world in a single day.
Here at Explore, we’re joining 5% of the world’s population this Saturday 15th September and pledging to clean up rubbish and reduce waste to help launch a cleaner future.

Explore clean up at home

Inspired by World Cleanup Day, we’ve declared September our clean up month. We’re running two litter-picking walks – one in our local town of Farnborough, led by a local ranger, and the other exploring a little further afield. 
During one lunchtime walk, 20 of us managed to collect over 20 bags of rubbish. The rubbish included drinks, bottles and cans, babywipes and even half a fishing rod. We’re hoping to do even better on our next outing.

Explore clean up around the world

We‘ve also charged our Explore Leaders around the world with arranging litter-picking activities during any trips they’re leading in September. Small steps like these teach us more about the destination we’re visiting, highlight the issues of discarded waste, and ensure we’re having a positive impact on the communities we visit.   
Some Explore Leaders have already taken to their challenge with gusto, organising daily litter picks on their trips. One of our leaders in Poland, Marek, has tasked his group with litter picking as they make their way through the Carpathian Mountains on foot. Sadly, rubbish is being left behind in even the world’s most beautiful and remote locations.
The actions of all those taking part around the world give us optimism of the vast numbers of people that care about the planet and each other. We can all contribute towards  positive change.

7 tips for being environmentally friendly overseas

A recent survey showed that we don’t pack our environmentally friendly mentality when we travel - only 38% of us recycling abroad compared with 77% at home. Here are a few top tips to make sure we’re still doing our bit while travelling.
  • Don’t litter. Dispose of your trash properly and carry it until you find a bin.
  • Think twice about buying wildlife products such as ivory ornaments, shark fin soup animal skins or shark tooth necklaces, buy locally made handicrafts instead.
  • Stick to footpaths to avoid harming native flora and damaging the landscape.
  • Choose to reuse the hotel towels to save local water or take your own towel instead.
  • Take a reusable or filtration water bottle - get 15% discount off a range of Water-to-Go bottles and filters here.
  • Take showering products in small reusable bottles which you can bring home or avoid plastic altogether with shampoo and soap bars.
  • Take reusable bags with you, perfect for keeping dirty shoes separate or when out shopping in local markets.

Over to You

If you’ve been inspired to get involved with World Cleanup Day, share your photos with us on our Facebook page - we’d love to see what you’re doing.
Find out more about responsible travel here.


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