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Cycling trips for everyone - FAQs

Always wanted to try one of our cycling trips but thought you weren’t fit or experienced enough?
James Adkin, our expert Cycling Programme Manager answers some of your frequently asked questions and explains why there is something to suit everyone, whether you cycle occasionally or are a dedicated enthusiast.

My only cycling is commuting to work, can I handle the time in the saddle?

Even a short, regular commute by bike adds up to prepare you for the holiday. I commute around 1 hour/16 miles every day and have been able to participate, and really enjoy, even some of our most challenging rides. It is a good idea to do some longer rides on the weekends leading up to the holiday, especially if your commute is short or you’re going on one of our challenging grade trips.

Won’t I get tired cycling all day every day?

It is natural to feel a little tired after cycling, but this is accompanied by a sense of satisfaction after completing the rides. Each successive day that you ride actually helps to build your stamina and by the end of the trip you may feel tired but your energy levels and endurance will have increased. Wherever there is a location with more to see we build rest days into the itinerary, helping people to acclimatise and recover after several days in the saddle. After the rest you’ll be raring to go the next day with even more energy.

If it’s a cycling trip, how much sight-seeing will I get to do?

We build our itineraries and cycle rides around points of interest and include the ‘must-sees’ in the area you are visiting. Especially on long haul trips to more far-flung destinations where you are only likely to visit once in a lifetime – we include the highlights and pick the best cycle rides between all the amazing sites. On our easy grade trips, you have less time in the saddle and can therefore spend more time experiencing all the country has to offer. One thing you can be sure of though on every one of our trips has an Explore twist that will create unique experiences.

How much will I need to carry?

Ideally very little so you can enjoy the rides. Our bus transports your main luggage between hotels, leaving you to focus on getting from A to B, discovering even more of the scenery, sights and people along the way. On many trips we include a pannier or saddle bag and a bottle holder. Additionally there is often a support bus accompanying that carries the bags, so they can be accessed at any point.  

I don't even own a bike; can I do a cycling trip?

Yes! Not a problem at all. It’s not that unusual, so you wouldn’t be alone. Obviously spending time in the saddle leading up to a cycle trip helps to get your legs (and rear!) prepared for the holiday, just as with any activity. Some people borrow bikes from friends and family, while others use the static bike in the gym. Even if you can’t do either of these, any general aerobic exercise will help you. On all of our cycling trips the bike hire is included in the price, so you can relax knowing that a fully serviced bike in your size will be waiting on your arrival.
The great thing about our cycling trips is that cycling is the mode of the transport, and part of the fun of the experience, but the trip is still about the destination. Without seeing everything through a coach window you can get even closer to local life and the country; giving you a deeper understanding of the culture, through the shared experience and a real sense of achievement.

Feeling inspired to try a cycling trip? Why not take a look at some of our trips to get you started.

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