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Travelling responsibly on a Tailormade trip

Here at Explore we’ve always been passionate about travelling responsibly. Giving something back to the local people and travelling in a way that positively impacts the people and places we visit. Hannah Cuss, Tailormade Product Executive recently travelled to Botswana where she discovered quite how involved the lodges and operators are. 
Explore Tailormade’s local operator in Botswana is a proud supporter of Travel for Impact, a socially responsible initiative dedicated to supporting local charities in Botswana. $1 per person, per night, is donated to the initiative which supports various charities helping vulnerable children, abused women and animal welfare groups. Not only does Travel for Impact support these charities financially, they offer mentoring services, guidance and advice so members can develop independently.

Our Explore Tailormade Adventure Camping itinerary is run by a fabulous team who do loads of work locally. One of their recent projects was “donate a door”. This came about after a villager was attacked by a leopard in Khwai Village. The foundation was able to install 15 doors to local houses, increasing safety for the whole family. The foundation also supports teen mums, helping them back into education and they run a shoe-drive which donates shoes to children in Khwai village reducing the chance of cutting themselves or being bitten/stung but insects or snakes.

Pack for a Purpose is another initiative that operates in Botswana, and in fact, throughout the world. It encourages guests to use up some of their excess luggage space and pack supplies needed in the country and leave them with one of the supporting lodges or camps. This could be small items that you don’t mind buying especially (bandages, colouring pencils etc) or second-hand items that you already have (blankets, children’s books and clothing). It’s that simple.

Going on safari is all about the wildlife and this wouldn’t be possible without the great effort conservationists do locally. At the end of 2017 around 40 rhinos were relocated from South Africa to undisclosed locations in Botswana. They have already been spotted at some of the lodges you can stay at on a Tailormade holiday but for their own protection, it’s still kept quiet.
So travel with Explore Tailormade and you’ll be helping more than you realise!

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