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8 Highlights of Peru

From trekking along the remote Inca Trail and uncovering the majestic temples of Machu Picchu to staying with locals on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and immersing yourself in the lush Amazon Rainforest, here are just some of the many highlights of Peru.


Machu Picchu

A highlight not to be missed on a trip to Peru is a visit to the archaeological wonder of Machu Picchu. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, a labyrinth of dry-stone walls sprawls across the grassy plateau high up in the Andes Mountains. The purpose of this incredible 15th-century marvel is still a mystery, but the remoteness of these carefully constructed terraces continue to astonish visitors from far and wide. 
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Inca Trail

Goosebumps spread over your skin as you get your first peek of the ancient temples of Machu Picchu. The three-day Inca Trail hike along fast-flowing rivers, through the misty cloud forest and over towering mountain valleys was worth it to finally see the magnificent emerald-green terraces of this sacred Lost City. Trekking the Inca Trail is a must-do experience for many travellers to Peru and is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the magical Andes Mountains. 
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Colca Canyon

The voluminous silhouettes of Andean Condor glide across the bright, early morning skies above the vast river gorge of the Colca Canyon in Peru. Scavenging for the carcasses of large animals, this colossal vulture has an average wingspan of over two metres making it the largest flying bird in the world! Twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA, the Colca Canyon boasts sweeping views of towering snow-dusted mountains, as well as neat rows of Inca terraces cut into the verdant hillsides. 
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Lake Titicaca

The world's highest navigable stretch of water, Lake Titicaca is a must-see highlight of any trip to Peru. The calm azure blue waters of this vast lagoon are home to indigenous people who cultivate and live on the floating Uros Islands. Take a boat trip to explore these drifting villages set upon a reed-like papyrus that grows in the shallows and spend the night with the locals on Taquile Island. Learn about their unusual life marooned in the middle of this remote body of water and watch the crimson-red sun melt into the horizon.
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Amazon Rainforest

Extend your trip to Peru with a wildlife-rich adventure along the Amazon River. Immerse yourself in the lush rainforest, and keep your eyes peeled for colourful displays of butterfly. The bright rainbow feathers of macaw sweep between openings in the dense canopy and river otters relax in the sun on semi-submerged driftwood. View the rainforest canopy from above via suspended rope bridges and explore the flourishing waterways by canoe before staying in a river-side lodge surrounded by exotic foliage.
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Rainbow mountain

A visit to see Peru's Rainbow Mountain is on the must-do lists of many travellers. However, you can avoid the crowds of this popular highlight with a trip to Vinicunca's lesser-known sister range in Palccoyo. With vivid stripes of pistachio green, soft gold and crimson red earth layered over the undulating sierra, the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountains are just as impressive, but you'll have more space to explore the colourful hillsides and enjoy magnificent views both on the way up and on the way down. 
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From striking colonial architecture and imperious mountain scenery to extensive trekking and hair-raising white water rafting, Cusco has something for everyone. Located at the head of the Sacred Valley the city overlooks the Andes Mountains and is the gateway to Machu Picchu. Get to know Quechua-speaking Inca descendants as you wander through cobblestone plazas adorned with colourful Peruvian textiles and sample some of the local delicacies. Alternatively, head into the mountains and dare to ride the rapids of the Urubamba River.
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Surrounded by three volcanoes, Arequipa is a lively Peruvian town adorned with beautifully ornate baroque architecture and famous for having the perfect sunset, best enjoyed with a drink in one of the several rooftop bars. A trip to the Museo Santuarios de Altura reveals one of the world's best-preserved mummies, and the striking 17th-century churches of La Compania and San Agustin offer an impressive display of expressive mestizo architecture.
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