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Highlights of West Africa

From wild Atlantic beaches to traditional tribal lands and friendly locals, West Africa has a raw and vitalising energy that has to be seen to be believed. Less visited than the east, West Africa offers an array of exotic, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for adventurous travellers.



Barely touched by tourism, Togo is a treasure trove of unfamiliar cultures and vibrant festivities. Faded European-style buildings stand firm on tree-lined boulevards in the capital city of Lome, and market stalls overflow with colourful vegetables and voodoo charms. Head into the West African rainforest to uncover a fragile ecosystem home to over 500 species of butterfly. And watch a traditional fire dance as devoted locals leap into glowing embers, performing to the hypnotic beat of thundering drums.

Ivory Coast

Explore the remote villages of the Ivory Coast and get to know traditional life through spending time with locals. Meet the Baule people who are known for their intricate handicrafts and Goli masks made from cow, antelope and crocodile. Meanwhile, in the Senoufo villages you’ll learn about the secret ‘Poro’ society and may even see a traditional mask ceremony known locally as the panther dance.


Cruise along tranquil waterways teeming with wildlife in Senegal’s Djoudj National Park. One of West Africa’s most significant birdlife sanctuaries, gaggles of geese roost on the banks after long flights over the Sahara desert, and large flocks fly in perfect harmony across clear blue skies. Watch local people harvest salt from the beautiful fuchsia-pink waters of Lac Rose, and tap along to cheerful jazz in the streets of St Louis while savouring a traditional dish of thieboudienne in a local bar.

The Gambia

For an unforgettable West Africa wildlife adventure, join a cruise along the Gambia River. Flowing along the length of The Gambia, these waters are home to monkey swinging in the trees, hippos wallowing in the shallows and crocodile lurking in mangrove swamps. Another popular highlight is a visit to the Kiang West National Park. One of the largest protected areas in The Gambia, keep a look out for baboon, warthog, bushbuck and colobus monkey. 


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From big, beautiful landscapes, abundant wildlife and vibrant cultures; Africa is an incredible continent just waiting to be discovered.

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