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How to reduce your carbon footprint

From travel-size plastic bottles, to long-haul flights, hotel laundry services and overland travel, the average traveller has a significant impact on the environment.

With around one in five British expressing concern around the impact of tourism when planning their next holiday, it should come as no surprise that many of us are seeking to do more to make trips more sustainable and responsible. The travel industry currently accounts for a high percentage of the Earth's carbon footprint, so it is something that many tour operators take very seriously in the fight against climate change.

At Explore, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint for all of our trips and those who travel with us by planning out every stage of your trip responsibly. We take into consideration the accommodation where Explore travellers stay, the routes and vehicles used to get from one destination to another and the environmental impact of the activities included as part of each trip.

From the moment you book with Explore, we consider it our responsibility to think about how our actions impact the Earth and the countries we visit every step of the way. However, there are many things that individual travellers can do to reduce their personal carbon footprint when planning a trip.

If you want to find out how you can reduce your own travel carbon footprint, our guide will give you all the helpful advice you'll need to become a more responsible traveller

Packing Light

Heavy luggage can impact the weight of the aircraft and requires more fuel, so be sure to pack light, taking only the essentials that you will need for your trip. If every passenger reduced the weight of their baggage this could help reduce the amount of fuel needed for flights, and also contribute to reducing the amount of waste in the country you are visiting. Instead of buying travel-size toiletries, for example, consider purchasing reusable clear bottles and pots which you can decant your larger bottles into, taking as much as you need for the duration of your trip.

Travel Like A Local

Explore aims to reduce its carbon footprint by providing alternative transportation choices, which allows travellers to enjoy the experience of travelling like a local. Why not consider this when visiting a new place?
You needn't worry about getting from A to B safely with Explore, as we will plan it all for you. Whether you're travelling by bus, hopping on a boat, riding the train or enjoying the thrill of a humble tuk-tuk, Explore organises the most efficient, ecologically conscious and economic transport methods available. This will only add to the excitement and adventure of your holiday, compared with simply booking a car or a taxi to take you to your destination. Our expert transport planning will allow you to experience the culture as a local would, and by exploring on foot or by bicycle, you can get under the skin of your chosen destination while also saving on emissions.
Explore also offer a number of walking tours and cycling trips so that your transportation is built into the tour. Why travel any other way when you could enjoy the sights, sounds and scenery on a bicycle ride along the coast, or a walking tour that takes you to some of the world’s most famous sights?

Give Back To The Environment

There are many great incentives to get involved with when it comes to combatting climate change, many of which are undertaken by Explore as part our Responsible Tourism initiative. A number of our trips donate money to the conservation of natural wildlife, provide activities for cleaning up the world's beaches and contribute to the maintenance of well-trodden hiking trails.
For every flight taken by an Explore customer or staff member, we make a donation to Cool Earth which contributes towards protecting the rainforest and offsetting Explore's CO2 emissions. If you're interested in offsetting your own emissions through a dedicated programme, you can find more information in our Responsible Travel section, which outlines our key charities and projects.

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