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Island Hopping in The Seychelles

Product Executive Caroline and Customer Sales Executive Mandy had the enviable task of travelling to the Seychelles to recce the islands and find out what they have to offer.

So if the rain in the UK has made you want to book a holiday it doesn't get much better than this - our Tropical Island Hopping adventure.

"We had never been to this part of the world and thought the Seychelles was just beautiful beaches and honeymooning couples. How wrong were we? We quickly discovered there is so much more to see and experience on the three beautiful islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Arriving into Mahe, flying across the island, we were mesmerised by the incredible colours – the green vegetation, white sand, blue sky and sea, red rooftops - we couldn’t wait to get off the plane! This afternoon we took the short drive to Victoria, the smallest capital in the world. We visited the old colonial quarter and had a browse at the local market. Our tour ended at the tranquil Botanical Gardens where we learnt about the endemic vegetation and saw the famous Coco De Mer nut. The wildlife was great too, fruit bats roosting in the trees and flying overhead, a range of tropical birds and not to mention the giant tortoises for which the Seychelles is famed. When we returned the weekly night market was in full swing with the locals barbecuing their catch and selling homemade wares.  We sat on the beach enjoying our supper and a superb Indian Ocean sunset – what a great first day!

Seychelles sunset

Our next island was Praslin, the second largest in the archipelago. During the one hour ferry crossing we enjoyed more stunning views and kept a look out for dolphins. A real highlight here was the full day catamaran trip which took in several smaller islands and the incredible wildlife. Stopping to say hello to the giant tortoises we took a mangrove swamp walk, hundreds of mud crabs scuttling out of our way, whilst a ray could be heard splashing in the water close by. The day also included snorkelling in crystal clear waters, however it was when we were back on board that we spotted a turtle just swimming along! We were also lucky enough to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Vallee de Mai. Here we saw the enormous Coco de Mer palms which produce the heaviest nut in the world.

Our final and smallest island was La Digue, just a 15 minute boat ride from Praslin and we both agreed this was our favourite. As soon as we arrived we were immediately struck by the mode of transport here – everyone was on two wheels! There were a few cars for helping with luggage but the numbers are very strictly controlled. We cycled everywhere, taking an incredible loop right around the top of the island until the pathway ran out. 

The coastal path ran right along the beach front, we couldn’t have been closer to the sand and blue sea. We parked our bikes and walked through rocky paths and came to one incredible beach after another, these were well hidden and so almost deserted.  At times we had the whole place to ourselves, although there was always a coconut stall close by to offer a refreshing drink.

The trip ended back in Mahe before our flight home. We agreed the islands are simply stunning and we now realise there is so much more to the Seychelles than just beaches. If you really want to experience the Seychelles then come on a trip with us, we'll show you another side to this incredible destination."


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