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How to choose your perfect honeymoon

The Royal Wedding was a momentus occasion and their choice of honeymoon destination is still in debate. 
The top contenders for their honeymoon destination include; Namibia, Malawi, Philippines, the Almalfi Coast and the Seychelles. Where will they choose?  The world is truly their oyster.

This got our travel team and Tailormade experts thinking. So they have answered some of the top questions we get from our honeymoon customers, to help you when planning your dream honeymoon destination.

What should we do on our honeymoon?
Your honeymoon is one of the most important holidays you will ever plan and is a great chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime destination and enjoy some luxury time by the beach or pool.

On a Tailormade holiday, you can get the best of both worlds: you could travel to Costa Rica to hike in the foothills of the Arenal Volcano, trek through the Amazon rainforest in search of wildlife or go on Safari in Tanzania followed by a relax on the beaches of ‘spice island’ in Zanzibar.

How long should we take our honeymoon for?  
Two weeks or a long weekend? Consider how long you would like your honeymoon to be and what you’d like to experience in that time. Whether it is a long weekend away in Petra or just over two weeks on a wildlife discovery trip in Sri Lanka; you want to make the most of every second and choose an adventure that suits your availability and budget.

Which travel company?
Choose a travel company that you trust and have confidence in to make your adventure honeymoon dreams a reality. If you have a destination, activity or route in mind, find a company that can help to plan and guide you through extra detours, different accommodation or special experiences. 

What hotels can we stay in?
Adventure honeymoons can be hard to plan, especially when it comes to accommodation. Ensure that you consider all options and think outside the box; whether your desired accommodation is in a luxurious hotel, a few nights sleeping under the stars, or both! Speaking with an adventure travel expert will help you put together your perfect itinerary within your budget.

Explore Tailormade Team
Our team of regional specialists have had the privilege of arranging honeymoons for customers and Explore staff for many years. An Explore Tailormade honeymoon gives you the freedom to create the adventure of your dreams.

Our dedicated tailor-made team members are here to help and guide you through your itinerary from start to finish, whilst talking you through the country’s hidden gems, authentic experiences and activities that will create your perfect honeymoon.

Our team can make your tailored honeymoon really stand out from the rest - with extended stopovers, organising a romantic meal under the stars, upgrading to business class flights or even sleeping in your own treehouse.

You can read one of our latest blogs from a honeymoon, created specially by our Tailormade team. Lydia and her partner were stuck on where to go for their honeymoon, but both knew they wanted an adventurous, yet relaxing holiday. The Explore Tailormade team helped them to achieve their dream itinerary of a classic safari in Tanzania with a Zanzibar extension.

Got any questions?  You can find our Tailormade FAQs here or call our team on 01252 883 184.

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