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The World’s Most Googled Chefs


The Most Popular Chef from Each Country and State

From Wisconsin to Nigeria, our new study reveals the chefs around the world we are searching for the most

With each country’s palate and ingredients as varied as its own geography and culture, eating and drinking authentic food on your travels really helps connect you with a destination. Using cooking, tasting and eating as a way to experience a place is something we’re wildly passionate about, and our food tours are crafted to celebrate the diversity of local flavors and recipes.

Contemporary dining is moving away from fancy-for-the-sake-of-being-fancy, and there is a huge shift towards encouraging and championing sustainable ingredients, preserving local recipes and cooking methods, and being creative with regional produce while still retaining an authentic homage to the local area. To take our interest in international cuisine to the next level, we set out to uncover the most sought-after chefs from every corner of the world and each US state who are bringing these mouth-watering experiences to the table.

To find the culinary leaders who have not only mastered their craft but have also captured the hearts and imaginations of food lovers worldwide, we analysed the number of Google searches made for over 1,700 contemporary chefs, revealing which are this year’s most popular.
Our new study introduces you to the cooking leaders who define their regions' unique flavors and inspire foodie wanderlust such as Francis Mallmann and Tariq Helou, as well as a peppering of faithful favorites of the food world such as Gordon Ramsay and Guy Fieri.


World’s Most Searched Chefs of the Year

Leading the pack as the most searched chef globally this year is Gordon Ramsay; the Scottish chef amassed a staggering 12 million searches, a testament to his towering presence across the world. Known for his Michelin-starred restaurants and popular TV shows like Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef, Gordon Ramsay is a name synonymous with fiery kitchen passion.

Among the top three most popular chefs of the year is the colorful and charismatic figure of North American cuisine: Guy Fieri. With 4.416 million searches, Fieri's personality as the host of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and adventurous culinary spirit have captured the imagination of food enthusiasts across the small screen. The Ohio restaurateur and author also leads the pack as the most popular chef in the North American continent.
In the Asian continent, the top searched chef is Singapore's Tariq Helou, amassing an impressive 1.62million searches this year. Helou's culinary style reflects Singapore’s reputation as a melting pot of flavors, with his menu at restaurant Fleurette displaying a unique fusion of French and Japanese cuisine. His ability to marry traditional dishes with contemporary twists continuously makes him a celebrated figure in the culinary world and has earned him a stop on the top ten most Googled chefs in the world.

Meanwhile, Africa presents its culinary star in Nigeria's Hilda Baci, who amassed 1.32 million searches. The chef and restaurateur celebrates the best of West Africa on a plate with unique ingredients and bold flavors and is no stranger to cooking out of the box. In 2022, Chef Baci set a world record of cooking for 93 hours straight. Though her four-day cooking marathon has since been dethroned, it’s a testament to how far the Nigerian chef is willing to go to bring Nigerian cuisine to an international audience.

A post shared by Hilda Baci (@hildabaci)

Australian chef Curtis Stone tops the list of most searched chef in Oceania with an impressive 594 thousand searches through the year. The celebrity chef, who has graced the screen in over 30 cooking shows across the globe, is known for his charismatic television presence and approachable cooking style. Stone has become a household name, representing the laid-back yet delicious nature of Aussie cuisine.

Topping the list as South America’s most popular chef is Francis Mallmann, an embodiment of the fiery spirit and rustic charm of Argentinian cuisine. With over 325 thousand searches made in his name, Mallmann's approach to cooking often involves open-flame techniques and traditional South American hearty flavours, which has earned him the nickname of ‘King of Outdoor Cooking’. 

Top 20 Most Popular Chefs Globally

Rank Chef Name Nationality Continent Year's Google Searches
1 Gordan Ramsay Scotland Europe 12,000,000
2 Jamie Oliver United Kingdom Europe 4,416,000
3 Guy Fieri Ohio North America 4,416,000
4 Nigella Lawson United Kingdom Europe 2952000
5 Giada De Laurentiis Italy Europe 1,980,000
6 Bobby Flay New York North America 1,980,000
7 Tariq Helou Singapore Asia 1,620,000
8 Gino D'Acampo Italy Europe 1,620,000
9 Hilda Baci Nigeria Africa 1,320,000
10 Vicky Lau China Asia 1,320,000
11 Wolfgang Puck Austria Europe 1,320,000
12 Alain Ducasse Monaco/France Europe 1,086,000
13 Buddy Valastro New Jersey North America 1,086,000
14 Sanjay Thumma India Asia 726,000
15 Heston Blumenthal United Kingdom Europe 726,000
16 Emeril Lagasse Massachusetts North America 726,000
17 Katie Lee West Virginia North America 726,000
18 Ainsley Harriott United Kingdom Europe 594,000
19 Curtis Stone Australia Australia 594,000
20 Andrew Zimmern New York North America 594,000

Most Searched Chefs in US State

In the diverse culinary scene of the U.S., each state showcases unique dishes and chefs. To no surprise Guy Fieri, the most popular chef in North America and one of the most searched globally, leads the pack in the USA, followed shortly behind by Bobby Flay. In the Big Apple, Bobby Flay stands at the forefront with an impressive 1.98 million searches. Among the richest celebrity chefs in the world, Flay's name is synonymous with American culinary innovation as well as a recognizable TV personality that blends traditional American flavors with daring twists.
New Jersey's culinary diversity is epitomized by Buddy Valastro, also clocking in over a million searches through the year and entering the top five most popular American chefs this year. Valastro, famed for his cake artistry in the television series “Cake Boss”, continuously echoes the state's love for big flavors and larger-than-life culinary creations.
Emeril Lagasse of Massachusetts and Katie Lee from West Virginia, both amass a whopping 726 thousand searches, further painting a scene of the rich culinary landscape the US is home to. On one end, Lagasse's several cookbooks and his National Best Recipe award for turkey and hot sausage chili reflect the chef’s flair for infusing traditional dishes with a punch of bold seasoning. Meanwhile, the familiar face of Katie Lee, which has been gracing the small screen for over a decade, takes an approach to cooking that anchors in a soulful and comforting nature reflective of her home state.

Top 20 Most Popular Chefs in the US

Rank Chef Name State Year's Google Searches
1 Guy Fieri Ohio 4,416,000
2 Bobby Flay New York 1,980,000
3 Buddy Valastro New Jersey 1,086,000
4 Emeril Lagasse Massachusetts 726,000
5 Katie Lee West Virginia 726,000
6 Andrew Zimmern New York 594,000
7 Mario Batali Washington 594,000
8 David Chang Virginia 486,000
9 Graham Elliot Washington 486,000
10 Antonia Lofaso California 397,200
11 Thomas Keller California 397,200
12 Gesine Bullock-Prado District of Colombia 397,200
13 Duff Goldman Michigan 325,200
14 Grant Achatz Michigan 325,200
15 Michael Symon Ohio 325,200
16 Rick Bayless Oklahoma 325,200
17 Michael Voltaggio Maryland 266,400
18 Scott Conant Connecticut 217,200
19 Chris Bianco New York 217,200
20 Tyler Florence South Carolina 217,200
Methodology: A list of well-known living chefs born in each country and US state was collected, totaling 1720 chefs. The global Google search volume made for each name in the last 12 months (November 2022 to October 2023 inclusive) was summed and compared. The chef with the highest number of searches was named most searched chef in their country of birth. Data source: Google Keyword Planner. Data correct as of December 2023. Analysis has taken into account any name ambiguity.
Any recommendations for chefs born in North Dakota or Wyoming that should be included in this study, please email