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My highlights of hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc

Trekking aficionado Tim completed our Tour du Mont Blanc trip crossing though France, Switzerland and Italy and covering over 140km. Here he talks about his favourite moments along the way:

"I’ve enjoyed a number of different treks in the past, including summiting Kilimanjaro and walking 100km in 24 hours across the South Downs, but I don’t think anything I’ve done thus far has been as rewarding as circumnavigating the majestic Mont Blanc in the Alps. I expected a good trek and pretty sights along the way, but I didn’t expect to have my preconceptions blown out of the water.

The itinerary, in a nut-shell, is to set off from the French side of Mont Blanc, going via Switzerland and Italy, roughly following the well-know Tour du Mont Blanc route clockwise, staying at hotels and other comfortable night-stops, until we come back to where we started ten days later. This roughly equates to 160km of wonderful trekking – and another 40km if you’re a bit mad like me and do all the extra stuff the tour leader could dish out, like using the rest day to go for another nice long tramp!

I don’t know that I can recommend this trip enough! If you’re the type of person who enjoys plenty of ascents, descents, doesn’t mind some heights and narrow passes and is fit as a fiddle then I don’t see how you couldn’t love this trek. If you were to take the trekking as a single entity, on its own would be enough for me to endorse this, but throw in all of the other delights for your senses and you’ve not just got a holiday but a journey to remember for life: looking out across the snow-dappled ranges, the sun kissing the rolling hills where the clouds break and wild flowers of every colour along the way; the beautiful sound of nothing but wildlife and a breeze, dappled with the dulcet chatter of your trekking peers, until you come across the symphony of deep-sounding bells passing a pasture of cows; the delicious home-cooked and well-deserved hearty evening meals and even heartier breakfasts, the tasty Swiss ice-cream and the delicious Italian hot chocolate at one of the many refuges along the route; the feel of a hot, refreshing shower and clean, soft sheets at each of the surprisingly well-equipped accommodation stops – it’s a treat for all your senses!

It just so happens that this incredible itinerary was complemented by a wonderful group of fellow-trekkers, whom I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to share this experience with, and the most beautiful, clear weather (very little rain at all – astounding in the mountains). If your interest is even slightly piqued by this memoire then I highly recommend you check it out – you won’t be sorry".

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