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New Year's Traditions around the World

Have you ever wondered what the rest of the world does to welcome in the New Year?
We’ve found a few of the stranger traditions, some which we would love to try and others we might be giving a miss. How are you ringing in the New Year?


Graveyard camping – Chile

After late night mass in the town of Talca in central Chile, the mayor opens the graveyard and thousands light candles and listen to classical music as they spend the night remembering their dead relatives.


Dressing up as Dancing Bears – Romania

The best way to keep evil at bay in the New Year? Dressing up as a bear and dancing at different people’s houses. Obviously.

Suitcase walking – Ecuador

Longing for a holiday, but worried you won’t get the chance? In Ecuador they wheel their empty suitcases around the streets to help wish for the holiday you long for.


Wearing red underwear – Turkey

Red is lucky the world over, but in Turkey, wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve means you will bring good luck to all your loved ones.


Throwing furniture – South Africa

Ever feel like you want a new Sofa, but don’t know what to do with the old one? In Johannesburg they throw all unwanted furniture out of the window on New Year to start the year anew without any unwanted items.


Underwater tree planting – Siberia

Under the Lake Baikal professional divers plant New Year’s trees. All they have to do is cut a hole in the ice first.


Grape eating – Spain

Putting 12 grapes in your mouth in 12 seconds is much harder than you think. You have to try and put a grape in your mouth at every chime of the clock at midnight. Give it a go for a lot of laughing this New Year.


Kissing – Venice

Not just any kissing, but a lot of people all kissing at once. In St. Mark’s Square thousands of people welcome in the New Year all kissing.


Animal Whispering – Romania

Any farmers want some good luck for the New Year? In Romania, farmers try and hear their animals talk. If they’re successful they will have good luck all year.


Swinging balls of fire – Scotland

As dangerous as it sounds… Part of the Hogmanay celebrations Scots swing large balls of fire around as they parade through the streets on New Year’s Eve.


The cold swim – UK

Fancy doing something close to home? In the UK on New Year’s Day, many people take part in running into the sea and quickly running back out again, only the brave stay in. The biggest one is in Saundersfoot, Wales raising money for charity.


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