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5 reasons to visit Murcia

Our new Cycle Southern Spain trip is one of our favourite trips for 2017, offering the perfect blend of sunny skies, beautiful scenery and moderate-grade cycling. We met up with our local partners, Maria and Alex, who help operate our trip to ask them to tell us why they love the region so much, and why you should consider Murcia for your next adventure on two wheels. Here’s what they had to say…
  1. The scenery
Murcia is set between Andalucía and Valencia, so you’ll spot a mix of whitewashed villages and Moorish architectural influences. The itinerary passes beautiful orchards of peaches and almond, ancient irrigation channels and green valleys. The climate might be hot like the rest of southern Spain, but in Murcia clever irrigation systems mean that region is almost always lush and verdant, rather than arid and dusty.
  1. The history
The region is home to a number of historic towns, including Caravaca de la Cruz, one of Catholicism’s five holy cities, where many pilgrims flock to during the holy years. The years of Moorish rule have left indelible marks on the surrounding landscapes, which you’ll be able to observe along the route in the many fortresses and archaeological sites along the way.
  1. Perfect for cycling
The itinerary mainly follows quiet back roads and waymarked paths, so it’s perfect for cycling. Parts of the route are on ‘via verde’ cycle paths, which are converted railway tracks and free from traffic. The region is known as the ‘orchard of Europe’, so you’ll find plenty of shady trees to take a rest under along the way.
  1. The ideal climate
We time our trips to visit in the months when the climate is ideal for cycling: despite freezing temperatures in the UK, January and February often see sunny skies and the mercury reaching the early twenties. Murcia’s semi-arid climate means mild winters and more than 320 days of sun per year, making it the ideal escape for an active holiday. We avoid the hottest months between June and August, returning to the area in the autumn to take advantage of the late summer sun.
  1. Delicious local food and wine
Much of Murcia’s local cuisine is derived from ingredients grown nearby. The area has many rice paddies that you’ll see on your itinerary, so it’s easy to see why plenty of Murcia’s favourite dishes feature the local arroz. Grilled vegetables grown in the area are also popular, and with a long coastline, seafood is fresh and plentiful.

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