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NEW Walking Trips for 2019

Even the biggest adventures start with a single step, and there’s nothing quite like discovering a new destination on foot. Slow your pace, feel the crunch of new earth under your feet and get up close and personal to your destination.

Our new adventures for 2019 include ancient Japanese pilgrimage routes, climbing Sicilian volcanoes and trekking among the mountains and gorges of Kyrgyzstan. Here are our top 5 new walking trips for 2019.

1. Walk Japan – Kumano Kodo Trail
Japan is an increasingly popular destination among walkers. One of the country’s most famous trails, the Kumano Kodo, is an ancient pilgrimage route connecting three great Buddhist shrines. Making its way through dense forests and across mountain passes on the Kii Peninsula, it offers a peaceful walk in rural Japan. Our Japan walking holiday also introduces the country’s contemporary culture and the ultra-modern city of Tokyo. Explore urban trails for a glimpse of daily life in this vibrant capital city.

2.Walking in Kyrgyzstan

​Kyrgyzstan has a colourful history, filled with nomads, eagle hunters and tales of the Silk Road. Discover Kyrgyz traditions that have withstood the test of time as you wander through ochre gorges and sweeping mountain valleys among some of the hardiest peoples of this planet. The scale of the landscape here is astounding, while the warm welcome provided by the locals leaves a lasting impression. 

3. Walking in Slovenia
Slovenia is fast becoming a popular destination for walking holidays, and with good reason. The Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj have all the charm of the Swiss Alps, but with a quietness and solitude only afforded by escaping the tourist trails. This area of Slovenia is full of secluded waterfalls, traditional villages and picture-perfect panoramic views from the mountain trails.

4. Walking in Spain – Alicante Mountains
Spain is a great location for walking with a great variety of different terrains and landscapes to explore. Extend your walking season in the Alicante Mountains. Blessed with 300 days of sunshine a year, its climate is ideal for walking from early spring and late into the autumn. The beautiful Alicante Mountains themselves are packed with intrigue, from prehistoric cave paintings, to Roman ruins and Moorish castles. 

5. Walking in Sardinia
Experience Italian culture with a difference in Sardinia, a beautiful  island that has kept its own distinct traditions through time. Here you’ll explore a landscape of coastal trails, boulder-strewn gorges and limestone peaks, all dotted with picturesque villages and the remains of the Nuragic Bronze Age civilisation. Enjoy home comforts and traditional rustic cuisine at a rural farm-stay and learn about the island’s way of life.


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