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Explore customers are leading the way when it comes to recycling, conserving energy and keeping it local while travelling

Here at Explore, responsible travel is very close to our hearts and, following our recent survey of both the general public and our Explore customers, we’re proud to say it’s close to yours too.
With conversations about issues like plastic use and energy consumption intensifying, our habits at home are increasingly adapting to conserve energy and minimize waste. However, it seems that these habits are soemtimes neglected when traveling.

Our recent survey revealed that the average UK traveler is 50% less likely to recycle when on vacation than at home, and 60% less likely to conserve energy or water. However when it comes to the average Explore customer, over 90% continue to turn off unused lights, appliances and taps when they’re overseas.  

As well as acting responsibly, the research revealed that the vast majority of Explore travelers like to ‘keep it local’, with 97% choosing to eat in traditional restaurants whilst traveling. Over 80% cited experiencing local cultures and religions as an important factor when deciding on a vacation abroad, compared to just 38% of the general public. We’re big advocates of keeping it local in this way, and Explore trips feature local hotels and homestays, and recommend local restaurants, meaning a more authentic experience for the traveller and direct economic benefit for the communities visited. Win-win.

From choosing a trip to habits and behaviour abroad, Explore customers are leading the way in responsible travel. However whilst Explore travelers are definitely thinking and acting more responsibly then the average,  there is always room for improvement. So Explore has introduced a 12 point Pledge for its staff, partners overseas and customers, outlining a few tips for travellers to minimize any negative impact on the destination they are visiting, and to ensure they’re always welcome back.

Read more about our Responsible Travel policies and initiatives

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