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Three Ways to Visit Costa Rica

A holiday to Costa Rica can only mean two things – adventure and wildlife. The unique geography of the country has created diverse ecosystems from dry forest, cloudforest and highland areas to coral reef and wetlands. The enormous variety of climates has made Costa Rica one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, home to hundreds of endemic species, as well as the thick leafy canopies that make zip-wiring here so tempting. There are so many ways to explore this natural paradise, and to help you decide take a look at our three ways to visit Costa Rica with Explore below.


Costa Rica is incredibly diverse, and to explore all its facets you’ll want to take a Discovery trip. You’ll not only discover its amazing wildlife, dramatic scenery and stunning coastline, but also explore its fun-loving and welcoming people on tours of coffee estates and charming towns – including one famous for producing decorative oxcarts! Travelling by bus enables you to see a large portion of the country in just nine days, but you won’t be restricted to exploring by road: you can trek around volcanoes, raft along rushing rivers or zip-line through the rainforest canopy for a (literal) bird’s-eye view of the landscape.

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The slower pace of exploring on foot enables you to better appreciate the stunning scenery that Costa Rica has to offer; there’s so much more detail to see when you’re closer to the sights. You could hike up simmering volcanoes, seek out remote waterfalls, walk in the footsteps of the conquistadors in colonial cities and learn more about the biodiversity of this amazing country.  Travelling on foot allows you to get closer to the wildlife too, waking up to the sound of howler monkeys and tracking toucans and the famously colourful quetzal. You could even combine your trip with a few days in Nicaragua to explore the two contrasting countries.

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Just like exploring on foot, cycling offers a way to experience the country in detail, freewheeling down the side of a volcano or exploring tiny off-the-beaten-track villages that tour buses aren’t able to reach. Discovering Costa Rica on two wheels means more access to hidden corners of the country: tracking sloths, monkeys, colourful frogs and stunning bird life on an unobtrusive form of transport (that’s included in the cost of your holiday).

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