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A solo traveler's guide to Greece

With its warm Mediterranean climate, welcoming locals, and abundance of activities, Greece is a fabulous country for solo travel. You can make new friends, discover ancient history, visit beautiful beaches, and hike around sunny islands.

Here's everything you need to know about planning a solo trip around Greece.

Is Greece a good place for solo travelers?

Absolutely! With so many wonderful things to experience, solo travelers are spoiled for choice when it comes to what to do on their solo travel Greece adventure. Solo travelers can visit and explore archaeological sites and ancient ruins, hike and walk around the Greek Islands, and immerse themselves in local culture in towns, museums and tavernas.


On a practical note, Greece is also great for traveling solo because of the country's overall safety and affordability, as well as its practically-year-round fair weather.

Is Greece safe for solo travelers and solo female travelers?

From mainland Greece to the Greek Islands, solo travelers feel safe and secure thanks to the friendliness and hospitality of the Greek people. The crime rate is low. We just recommend travelers are wary of their belongings when traveling around or using public transport, particularly in the busier areas – as with any large city or tourist attraction. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to purchase travel insurance before you travel so you’re covered in case something unexpected happens.


Another plus is that Greece is a very safe destination for female solo travelers.

What is the best time of year for Greece solo travel?

Since Greece has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and balmy summers, there is no bad time of the year for solo travelers to head to Greece. Summer is high season, when destinations are most crowded and prices at their highest. This is especially true of the most popular Greek Islands like Santorini and Mykonos. But visiting during shoulder season, in spring or fall, is a great way to avoid the worst of the summer crowds, find better rates, and enjoy ideal weather.


If you're planning on a solo walking and hiking trip around a Greek Island like Andros or Crete, spring or fall yields the best weather and fewer crowds. Traveling in shoulder or low season also means that international and domestic flights and hotel prices are more affordable.


Is it expensive to travel solo around Greece?

There's a popular misconception that solo travel is more expensive because you don't have someone to share travel expenses with. But this is not always the case. Solo trips can actually work out to be very affordable. Since you are the only one planning activities, dining out and booking transportation and accommodations, you can often save money because you get to choose the best rate for yourself.


Our solo travel guided tours are some of our most affordable trip options, with prices starting at around $1,000. Since we take care of booking accommodations and transit, you only have to budget for airfare, remaining meals and extra activities.

The best places in Greece for solo travel, from Athens to the Greek Islands

Where are the best places for Greece solo travel? That depends on what you would like to do and see. If you want to learn more about ancient Greece, then a visit to Athens with its wealth of majestic sites such as the Acropolis, and excellent museums is an absolute must.


The Greek Islands are definitely some of the best destinations for solo travel in Greece and Greek island-hopping should be on the itinerary for every solo traveler. Multiple ferry routes make it easy to hop between numerous Greek Islands. Or you can take day trips from where you're based to other nearby islands. There you can explore charming villages of whitewashed houses in your own time, before strolling down to pristine white sand beaches overlooking turquoise seas.

The best Greek Islands for solo travel

Greece has more than 200 islands for solo travelers to choose from, with the best Greek Islands offering a mix of culture and outdoor fun.


On Greece's largest island, Crete, you can hike through the colossal Samaria Gorge and then discover ancient history at archaeological sites. If you want to walk the entire length of a Greek Island, hike the Corfu Trail, or you can explore the rugged landscapes, ruins and villages of Andros and Tinos in the Cyclades. Despite being very close to Athens, these islands are often overlooked by travelers. Visiting as a solo traveler, you'll be able to enjoy idyllic quiet beaches and peaceful grassy hills before dining solo at charming waterfront tavernas. For serene bays, beaches and laid-back island living, Evia is an under-the-radar paradise just a few hours away from Athens.

What to pack for solo travel in Greece

For solo travel in Greece, you'll need to pack according to your destination and activities. Pack sturdy, comfortable shoes for hiking and walking tours, as well as a good daypack and layered clothing for the cooler nights and warmer days. Regardless of the season, sunscreen, a sun hat, and a full water bottle are also essential.

Greece tours for solo travelers

If you want to plan a solo trip to Greece, we've got you covered! From solo walking tours to solo cycling tours, our solo travel itineraries give you a simple framework to follow but leave the day-to-day activities, like where to eat or what attractions to visit, entirely up to you.

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