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The Amazing Americas

From Canada's Rockies to the heights of the Peruvian Andes and everything in between - the Americas are packed full of unforgettable experiences for your family.
Here we'll look at each country and just a couple of the interesting and inspiring things you could be getting up to in 2015.


  • Relax in a hot spring surrounded by the imposing Rockies
  • Have a unique night's sleep when you stay in a trapper tent and a yurt
  • Learn all about Canada's wildlife and be on the lookout for bears!

Experience it all on Western Canada Pioneer


  • Gather round the campfire and listen to mesmerising folk stories
  • Retire to your unusual bed as you spend a night in a teepee and a hogan
  • Four-wheel drive through a Navajo reservation and drive along the iconic Route 66

Experience it all on Into the Wild West


  • Cruise through Havana in a classic 1950s car
  • Camp in peaceful haciendas in the heart of the jungle
  • Embrace the rhythm of Cuba as you learn to dance salsa

Experience it all on Viva Cuba


  • Take a boat through the jungle to an ancient Mayan site
  • Be on the lookout for the elusive jaguar as you walk pretty forest trails
  • Stay in a jungle lodge and spot monkeys in the trees

Experience it all on Belizean Adventures


  • Feel like you're flying as you zip-wire through the treetops
  • Scree-run down the side of a volcano
  • Surf, swim and snorkel in the Pacific Ocean

Experience it all on Active Nicaragua

Costa Rica

  • Experience the wake-up call of howler monkeys in the jungle
  • Stare up in awe at an imposing active volcano
  • Cook traditional dishes for lunch and learn how to make chocolate

Experience it on Rainforest Adventure


  • Explore the ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, and even trek the Inca Trail
  • Try the local delicacies - including guinea pig!
  • Experience the unbelievable thrill of whitewater rafting

Experience it on Family Peru Adventure or Inca Trail Teen Adventure

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