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The Magnificent Maldives

Ali Butler, our product manager for Middle East & Egypt, gives us her inspiring account of her time spent on the live aboard cruise to the Maldives:

I’ve always wanted to visit the Maldives, scattered with golden sandy islands, turquoise blue water, and fantastic snorkelling with guaranteed sunshine (more or less) it is obviously an idyllic holiday destination. Having said that I’m not the type of person who can sit still on a beach for two weeks, no matter how many good books I have with me.  A live aboard cruise in the Maldives seemed liked the perfect match. 

Being on the boat means you move from one island/snorkel location to the next. The snorkelling was fantastic and whilst the coral is not the most colourful I have seen the marine life is excellent. We saw eagle rays, sting rays, turtles, reef sharks, moray eels and lots of varieties of colourful fish including the more famous clown fish. This trip has you constantly on the move with plenty to see and do but also all the time to relax you could want. Reading, sunbathing or napping between island stops became second nature. Alternatively you could enjoy the view and sit on the top deck spotting dolphins, manta rays and flying fish. 

The boats are compact but plenty big enough, with cabins for two people and luggage.  In reality the cabin was only used as a changing room as if you weren’t in the sea or visiting an island you were on deck.  Sleeping on deck under the stars was very popular indeed.

The crew worked incredibly hard from our welcome drink of a fresh coconut with a straw in the top to a barbeque banquet they served up on the beach of a deserted island. They went out of their way to feed us what seemed like constantly, with wonderful local fish curries, tropical fruit salads, pancakes and omelettes for breakfast and even freshly baked cakes with our afternoon tea! I can not praise the cook highly enough for his variety of tasty dishes he continued to churn out from a tiny galley. The crew were a real highlight of the trip, ensuring that we were comfortable and enjoying our holiday and also telling us about their life in the Maldives.

This trip is perfect if you want to explore the Maldives and not just one beach, enjoy some local food and company of your fellow travellers. As all the food is included once you are there it’s only the mini bar to spend your money on! Water, tea and coffee are included in the price of the trip and in unlimited supply. So you just need a few dollars to pick up a postcard and the odd souvenir. This is probably the most economical way to see the Maldives and also an adventure so you come away having experienced what the Maldives is all about and not just what you see on the front cover of a fancy holiday brochure.

This was a holiday to remember, for all the right reasons

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