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Top 9 unusual Discovery tours

Looking for a cultural or wildlife adventure that's different from the usual holiday? Here are nine of our Discovery tours that feature some more unusual experiences, that will leave you with stories to tell for a lifetime.
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1. Discover Chernobyl

A long weekend like no other. Explore the eerie abandoned sites of the ghost town Pripyat including the fairground and the ‘Bridge of Death’. We’ll also discover the nuclear power station itself, where Reactor 4 exploded in 1986, and the key sites of Kyiv.
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2. Iceland Yurt Adventure

We all know that Iceland is a popular tourist destination, and understandably so with its fascinating geothermal landscapes, but this trip offers something a bit different. Stay in our custom-made yurts, which have been comfortably furnished and are perfectly located in sight of Geysir, on a working horse farm in the heart of the Golden Circle.  
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3. Burma Highlights

Visit Inle Lake and spend the day with a local community who live in simple houses of wood and woven bamboo, raised above the water on stilts. They are mostly fishermen, skilled artisans and self-sufficient farmers, whose vegetables are grown on floating gardens made of grass and seaweed. Witness the fishermen practising their distinct rowing style which involves standing at the stern of their boat on one leg and wrapping the other leg around the oar.
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4. The Five Stans of the Silk Road

Spend the night camping next to the Darvaza Crater, the so-called 'Door to Hell', as part of this epic three-week journey through the 'Stans' of Central Asia. This underground crater has been aflame since 1971 and it's still going strong, providing a bright light against the starry night sky. Enjoy a very apt barbecue dinner before plenty of time to gaze into the grater and watch the mesmerising orange flames. 
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5. North Philippines Explorer

From hanging coffins and mysterious burial caves to horse-drawn carriages and colonial cities, this exciting tour explores an area quite unlike any other South East Asian destination. Visit 2,000-year-old rice terraces built by the Ifugao people. The fertile land makes these terraces a vivid green colour - a striking sight when contrasted with the blue sky. 
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6. Moldova Short Break

Discover Tiraspol, the capital of the breakaway state of Trans-Dniester. With its imposing buildings, war memorials and statue of Lenin it feels like a Soviet time capsule. With their own government, postal service and independence day, you'll be captivated by the story of this unique and charming country. Have dinner with a local family to find out about their lives in this special hidden part of Europe.
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7. Highlights of Ethiopia

Visit one of Africa's least-explored countries and discover its unique history and natural wonders. Travel by 4WD past camel caravans into the other-worldly landscapes of the Danakil Depression, a vast desert plain dotted with bright yellow, green and red acidic pools, giving the feel of another planet. 
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8. Highlights of El Salvador

Explore the hidden gem of Central America, with its impressive volcanoes and crater lakes, delicious food and scenic colonial villages. Take a boat trip through the mangrove canals with a local biologist to monitor hawksbill turtles and visit an ex-guerilla community in the rainforest village of La Cinquera.
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9. Madagascar: The Lost Continent

Travel through Madagascar in search of amazing wildlife and spectacular scenery. Take a night-time walk in Andasibe Reserve by torch-light to spot chameleon and the smallest primate in the world – the mouse lemur. Visit Antsirabe in the Central Highlands and witness its colonial architecture, colourful rickshaws and souk-like stalls; an unexpected hybrid of cultures. 
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Explore our Discovery tours

We aim to include exciting experiences not accessible to the typical tourist on all of our Discovery tours, from homestays with locals to visits to remote and untouched areas. Start your search and find your next unusual holiday. 
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