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Ukraine: What can I do to help?

We’ve put together just a few ideas from our staff of small things they are doing to help the people of Ukraine: from individual purchases to the support of larger charities.


Donating to our local church to provide supplies for refugees

Together with our local church in Farnborough, we’re collecting essential items needed for Refugees who are crossing into Poland. From blankets and bed linen, to nappies and toiletries, these vital items can assist those who have fled with few belongings. The church will then deliver these donations to a local Polish school, which will be able to transport them to Poland.

Explore staff are also working within their own communities to gather essential items in partnership with schools and community centres. We’ve been gathering unused toys and clothes for children, as well as buggies, which will be transported and given to refugees at the borders.

Donating to the Red Cross

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society is continuing to support the people affected by the conflict. Donations will help provide access to food, water, first aid, clothing, and shelter. On the ground, Ukraine Red Cross volunteers are working hard to distribute food and hygiene parcels, and provide first aid training to those in shelters and stations. 

Supporting local Ukrainian businesses 

Thanks to Etsy’s search filters, we have been able to support small businesses in Ukraine by purchasing digital files, such as digital planners, graphics, printable art, and sewing patterns. All digital products are automatically delivered to our email addresses, meaning Ukrainian sellers receive their funds without having to post a product. 


Signing the petition to allow safe passage for refugees

We’re urging the government to give safe passage to those leaving Ukraine. Along with over 100,000 others, staff at Explore are signing an open letter to request a plan outlining how the UK will safely and legally support refugees in their time of need.

Airbnb’s support for refugees


Airbnb has announced that it will offer free, short-term housing for up to 100,000 refugees. This will be funded by donors to the Refugee Fund and generous hosts. Find out how you can donate to the fund, or get involved by opening up your home, by visiting

As we continue to find new ways to support the people of Ukraine, we'll keep sharing them here. However there are numerous charities and initiatives doing good things, and people will of course support those that best resonate with them.