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Your first small-group family vacation - top 7 questions answered

Here we’ve answered seven of the most frequently asked questions about our family adventure tours to help you choose the perfect trip for your family.


1. Who will be in our group?

A major highlight of traveling on a group family adventure tour is sharing your experiences with other families, and having your children make new friends. The average age of children traveling on our trips is 13, though it will depend on the trip you choose. To find the minimum age on a trip, check the 'Family information' section of the trip page. A typical group has between three and five families traveling together - our maximum group size varies between 16 and 20. In order to travel on a family trip at least one participant needs to be eighteen or younger at the time of travel.

If you're interested in booking a family adventure trip, you can get in touch with our team of travel specialists to find out who is already booked onto your chosen departure – we can share the number of travelers and ages of the children so you can ensure the best possible fit for your family.

2. Will there be enough to keep my energetic kids entertained?

We know that kids usually set the speed of a vacation, so we have different paces of trip to suit different families and ages of children.
Our 'Relaxed' tours have chilled mornings and dedicated pool days, with plenty of time to see the sights of your destination, too. 'Moderate' trips have fuller days with down-time built in to the itinerary, while our 'Full-On' family tours are busier, with some early starts. You’ll see more, as each day is full of amazing experiences.

3. Where will we be staying on our Explore family trip?

We use a mix of homestays, characterful lodges and locally-owned hotels. Wherever possible, we make sure you have at least two nights in each place, so you won’t feel like you’re constantly on the move, unpacking and repacking.

Swimming pools are one of the most important features for our families, and we always try to find family-friendly accommodation with pools. Some of the accommodation options are really special too – you can stay in tree tents, houseboats or beehive huts. And whether you all want to stay together in one room, or prefer your own space, we’ll work to accommodate your needs – most of our group trips offer a combination of triple and single room options.

4. Will there be any downtime?

We recognise that at its best, family travel is the most rewarding thing you can do together, so we build time ample time into each trip to enjoy some downtime together. Choose from 'Easy', 'Moderate' and 'Full-On' paced trips to best suit your family. If you’d like to opt-out of a day’s activity, you’re free sit back and relax by the hotel pool or venture out to explore the local markets or soak up local culture in a café.

5. How much traveling will there be?

We keep driving times to a minimum and have two-night stops along the way so we’re not on the road for two days in a row. This allows us time to enjoy and get under the skin of the destinations we visit. We feature a handful of trips which cover more ground, these are labelled ‘Full-On’ and involve some early starts and long driving days. The flip side is you’ll get to see some amazing sights along the way.

Families that want to keep traveling to a minimum could consider one of our multi-active centre-based trips in Europe where you’ll stay in a single family-run hotel throughout your vacation and travel out each day to try exciting activities.

6. Will we be able to have any ‘family time’?

Our carefully-planned family itineraries are put together by travel experts who have children themselves and understand how to make the most of your precious family time together.

At home we operate in our own orbits – different friends, teachers, clubs. Our family adventure trips let you escape all this. Search for wildlife from a house boat on the Okavango Delta in Botswana, watch the stars from a traditional Bedouin tent in Jordan’s Wadi Rum, or sail off the Komodo peninsular in Indonesia, playing cards under a full moon, eating freshly-caught fish, and sleeping out on the deck. Travel brings family together, helping create memories that last well beyond the end of your trip.

7. What is the role of the Explore Leader?

Whether you’re traveling aboard a traditional felucca boat on the Nile or visiting a nomadic Bedouin settlement, your Explore Leader will seek out unexpected experiences and really help you get under the skin of their country.

We choose local leaders for their travel experience, their passion for their country and culture, and their ability to make a truly memorable trip. Our leaders look after all the logistics and go out of their way to make sure you all have the family trip of a lifetime.


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