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Discover our Ethiopia tours

Join our expert local leaders on a small group tour of Ethiopia to explore ancient holy lands, discover diverse wildlife and trek through majestic mountain ranges. 

Get off the tourist trail to see the true culture of Ethiopia on our Blue Nile and Lalibela tour. Explore medieval churches carved into the red rock of Lalibela, and delve into Harar’s labyrinth of narrow alleyways to barter with market traders. Or, switch off from reality and set off into the wilderness of the lush green Simien Mountains on an Ethiopia walking trip. Get up before sunrise to take on the challenge of climbing Ethiopia’s highest peak, Ras Dashen, and look out for gelada baboon grazing on the rugged cliffs. 

Considering a trip to Ethiopia but new to Explore? We've answered some of the most-asked questions about our small group tours. 

Highlights of Ethiopia

Join our small group tours to Ethiopia to uncover Lalibela’s monolithic rock-cut churches, delve into the hustle and bustle of Harar’s local markets and trek into the remote wilderness of the Simien Mountains. Here are a few of the highlights of our Ethiopia adventure vacations. 

Constructed over 800 years ago, Lalibela boasts eleven medieval rock-cut churches, hand-carved entirely from the mountainside. Unlike other monolithic churches, these were excavated from a single block of granite and feature free-standing walls on all four sides. Join your local guide to learn about this incredible feat of engineering and scramble through a maze of tunnels around the wondrous chiseled structures. A trip to see the monolithic Ashetam Maryam Church high up in the mountains is a highlight of our Ethiopia Discovery tour. Hitch a ride on the back of a mule up the steep hillside tracks to discover far-reaching views of the verdant valley and Lalibela town below. 
Three travellers looking out over the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia
Simien Mountains

Keep a lookout for the native gelada monkey as you trek into the lush Simien Mountains on our Ethiopian tours. Sometimes called the ‘bleeding-heart monkey’ due to the pink hourglass-shaped patch of skin on their chest, these friendly baboons hang out in large groups and are often happy for us to join them. Observe elders grooming one another and ‘chatting’ as they rest or graze, while younger monkeys play together and whoop with excitement.

Explore paths less traveled to see the true culture of Ethiopia on our Blue Nile and Lalibela tour. Meander through Harar’s labyrinth of narrow alleyways crammed with eclectic market stalls and barter with local traders dressed in colorful robes for locally grown vegetables, handwoven baskets and patterned silks. Chat with local children who are keen to practice their English and visit a traditional Harai House to learn about local life. Widely considered as the fourth most sacred city in the Islamic world, Harar has over 82 mosques and hundreds of shrines dotted within its historic walls. 

Solo Travel in Ethiopia

Our small group trips to Ethiopia are popular with couples, friends and solo travelers alike. Everyone who travels with us is looking for a fun-filled, authentic adventure, so whether you’re traveling alone, or with friends, you’re likely to make new acquaintances along the way. Your local tour leader will also look after all of the every-day logistics and ensure you see all of the must-see sights and well as the lesser-known hidden gems during your Ethiopia adventure. 

Best time to go to Ethiopia

The best time to travel to Ethiopia is between September and April when you can expect warm, dry days with temperatures rarely dropping below 64°F. 

To see the Simien Mountains in full bloom, travel to Ethiopia from September to November, just after the rainy season. The patchwork valleys and forested hillsides valleys will be glowing a vibrant green. Alternatively, book a trip in March or April for warmer temperatures and fewer tourists. 

If you want to join in with the annual Timkat festivities, book a trip to Ethiopia to coincide with 19 January. A celebration of the Ethiopian Epiphany, pilgrims come together to sing, dance and pray, and the streets of Addis Ababa come alive with colourful decorations and celebrations. 

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From big wows to hidden gems, our tours leave you feeling that you've really explored.

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