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Tours to Mexico

With its ancient Aztec sites, sandy beaches and jungles bursting with wildlife, Mexico is a multi-faceted country that's perfect for an adventure tour. From cyclists to families, we have a Mexico trip to suit everyone. And of course, no trip is complete without some tasty tacos.

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Discover our Mexico tours

Our small group Mexico tours will take you on a voyage of discovery through the ancient heartland of the Aztec, Zapotec and Maya civilizations, to the foodie hub of Oaxaca and along the golden sandy beaches of the Caribbean coast. 

Your local tour leader will take you back in time to explore the timeworn pyramid of Chichen Itza, and pay respect to the Maya tomb of Palenque. Immerse yourself in Mexican culture with a cooking lesson from a local family, and join Day of the Dead festivities (on trips leaving in late October) to witness a carnival of color, upbeat music and delicious local food. For a Mexican adventure to remember, join our cycling trip to ride through age-old Maya villages and swim in the shimmering turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Considering a trip to Mexico but new to small group travel? We've answered some of your most-asked questions.

Our most popular tours in Mexico

Contrasts of Mexico

Belize, Guatemala, Mexico Discovery Trip code MX
Best seller
15 Days From US$2310 without flights

Contrasts of Mexico + Yucatan Peninsula Extension

Belize, Guatemala, Mexico Discovery Trip code MXY
Best seller
21 Days From US$3920 without flights

Highlights of Mexico

Mexico Discovery Trip code MXS
9 Days From US$1770 without flights

Cycle Mexico - The Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico Cycling Trip code CMX
Best seller
9 Days From US$1820 without flights

Best of Guatemala and the Yucatan

Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras Discovery Trip code DMX
15 Days From US$3470 without flights

Tastes of Mexico

Mexico Food and Drink Trip code MXF
14 Days From US$2170 without flights

Highlights of Mexico and Cuba

Cuba, Mexico Discovery Trip code MXCN
16 Days From US$3080 without flights

Mexico tour highlights

Learn about the miraculous legacy of Maya culture, savour delicious Mexican street food and immerse yourself in the vibrant festivities of Day of the Dead on our small group holidays to Mexico. Here are a few of our Mexico tour highlights:

Chichen Itza
Step back in time to explore the timeworn complex of Chichen Itza on our Highlights of Mexico Discovery Tour. One of the new Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city was established by the Maya people in AD432, and its well-preserved ruins feature ancient pyramids, palaces, temples and an array of striking sculptures. Wander around the astonishing remnants of this once-thriving hub of trade to learn about the Mayans’ extraordinary astronomical feats, sophisticated logosyllabic writing system, dynamic artwork and accomplished mathematical skills.

Day of the Dead
Join our Contrasts of Mexico Tour at the end of October to witness the colorful and lively festival of Day of the Dead. Day of The Dead rituals originate from the indigenous people of Mesoamerica and is a celebration of cherished ancestors. Head to the beautiful colonial city of Oaxaca and feel your skin tingle as the streets come alive with colorful flowers, upbeat music and delectable food treats. Witness groups of friends and families gathering in local cemeteries and around private shrines, as they pay respect to departed loved ones.

Mexican food
Mexico is renowned for its colorful and delicious cuisine. Join our two-week Tastes of Mexico tour to immerse yourself in the aromatic flavors of Mexico. Savor authentic dishes and use recipes that have been handed down through many generations. Head to the local markets to buy fresh ingredients and, under the expert guidance of a mother and son team, cook up a storm in a Mexican kitchen to create a delicious feast for lunch. Dishes could include variations of sweet and sour Mexican mole, spicy stuffed chilies and mouth-watering homemade tacos. Drive into the mountains towards San Cristobal de las Casas to learn how to make corn husk tamales stuffed with beans and try deep-fried mojarra on your way to the hot and humid rainforests of Palenque.

Solo traveling

All of our trips to Mexico are well suited to solo travelers. In fact, you’ll be in good company as a majority of our customers join our small group tours on their own. Travel around Mexico in a group of like-minded people and let our expert tour leaders show you the very best that Mexico has to offer.

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