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Holidays to Panama

Discover the Panama Canal, one of the modern wonders of the world. Here you can watch enormous shipping vessels squeezing their way through the canal, with just inches of room. Plus, explore the Spanish plazas and colonial buildings of Panama City. Our Panama holidays show you the highlights and more.
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Holidays to Panama
A stay in Panama City is complemented by a journey across the isthmus, if only for cultural contrast. You can reach the Caribbean coast by bus or car, but the most enjoyable way is on the Panama Canal Railway, which spirits passengers from coast to coast in just one hour.

It’s easy to reach the stunning Caribbean archipelago of Guna Yala (previously known as Kuna Yala, also known as San Blas) from the capital with flights to several islands. Alternatively, you can take private overland transport to Carti and go from there. The Guna maintain strict control over their semi-autonomous territory and it can be complicated getting around without your own boat. After a few days lolling on the beaches, snorkelling in coral reefs, eating fresh seafood and exploring interesting indigenous villages, most visitors find they need to fly back to Panama City.

From Panama City, head west to the Caribbean coast and the province of Bocas del Toro, where you’ll be rewarded with a string of stunning Caribbean islands. Unwind on the beaches, go searching for neon frogs, snorkel, scuba dive or visit the intrepid communities of the indigenous Naso and Ngabe – it’s up to you.

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