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Italy Food Tours

Italian food and wine is loved the world over. From fresh pasta and pizza, to cheeses, cured meats and creamy gelato, culinary delights from Italy are as abundant as the nation’s natural beauty. But nothing compares to savoring the real deal on Italian soil, prepared from the finest ingredients by chefs, bakers, and producers who have been doing it for generations.

Led by an expert local leader, our small group Italian food tours take you on a culinary odyssey around Italy. Meet local artisans and browse fresh produce at local markets before relishing balsamic vinegars, olive oils and regional wine tasting, as part of a journey to discover a wealth of gastronomic culture.

Numerous stops for eating and drinking, complemented by immersive food experiences offer the opportunity to awaken your taste buds and live la dolce vita like a native Italian.

Our most popular Italy food tours

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Top food destinations in Italy

While you can easily find delectable food and drink throughout Italy, certain regions are known for their specific contributions to Italian cuisine. Exploring these regions offers foodie travelers a taste of traditional flavors and quintessential Italian dishes direct from their source. Our expert local leaders know exactly how to seek out the finest produce. But don't worry, you'll still have plenty of chances to relish your favorite pizza and pasta dishes, alongside lesser-known local specialties.


But Italian culinary culture is about more than simply eating delicious meals. Community, passing on traditions, and ensuring sure everyone leaves the dining table happy and satisfied are also key aspects. That's why hands-on activities like taking a cooking class and connecting with locals are also an integral part of Explore food tours.


Discovering Italian food region by region

From north to south, food in Italy varies greatly from region to region. Dining in  Southern Italy, you'll find menus that emphasize seafood dishes, robust tomato sauces, and citrusy regional specialties like limoncello lemon liqueur from the Amalfi Coast.

Influenced by its neighboring European countries and the alpine cultures of Austria and Switzerland, Northern Italy loves its rich creamy sauces, hard cheeses, and aromatic red wines such as barolo.

While enormously varied, the different cuisines of the various regions of Italy all come together to form the vibrant, flavorful tapestry that is Italian cuisine. Our small group food tours take you to some of Italy's most renowned gastronomic regions:

Emilia Romagna

The northern region of Emilia Romagna is one of  Italy's culinary superstars. It is known for iconic examples of Italian cuisine including hard cheeses such as parmigiano reggiano, tender Parma ham, and circular, filled tortellini pasta. Its fertile terroir is also known for producing lambrusco grapes, from which white or red wines are made. Explore this gastronomic region on our Walking in Emilia Romagna tour.


Forming the heel of Italy's boot, this southern region is Italy's top producer of olive oil thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate and abundant sunshine. Puglia's lengthy coastline means it is also a hotspot for excellent seafood. Here you can try local specialties like tiny, ear-shaped orecchiette pasta and even learn how to produce it in a pasta-making class. In addition, you'll also sample crusty Altamura bread, sip fruity local red wines, and see how cheeses like soft, braided treccia mozzarella are made. Discover the region on our Walking in Puglia tour or any other of our Puglia Walking, Cycling and Classic Discovery tours.


Known for notable varieties like chianti, the central region of Tuscany is one of Italy's most famous wine-producing regions. All that excellent wine is produced in picture-perfect surroundings that capture the romance of the Italian countryside in rolling hills crossed by tree-lined country lanes and dotted with tiny hilltop villages. Our  Walking in Tuscany with Wine tour is one of our best Italy food tours, featuring vineyard tours, wine tastings, and Tuscan specialties sampling, complemented by walks through peaceful countryside.


What to expect on an Italian food tour

Do you have any questions about our Italian culinary tours? Check out our FAQ section below. If your question isn't answered, contact us and one of our expert members of staff will get in touch to help.

What kind of activities do the Italy food tours include?


In addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and plenty of other food stops for snacks and small bites, our food tours in Italy include activities such as cooking classes, and samplings of local products like olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tours also include visits to producers, which reveal the processes involved in the production of mozzarella cheese and regional wines.

There will also be sightseeing tours of the cities, towns and villages in the region, as well as vineyard walks and hikes in the countryside. One thing is for sure: there will be no shortage of good food to enjoy!


Are all meals included?


Not all meals are included in the price of the tour - check the trip page to find out which meals are included. You'll have free time, as well as some unallocated mealtimes, to spend how you like.


Are the walking food tours difficult?


All our Explore food and wine-themed walking tours range in difficulty level from easy to moderate. The walks and hikes between towns and activities are designed to enrich the immersive experience of discovering Italian food by connecting you with the landscape and terrain from which the produce originates.

On a walking tour through olive groves in Tuscany you can discover how olives are cultivated and how their oil is subsequently produced. Or as you explore a vineyard, you can learn how grapes are grown, before tasting wine that has been produced from the grapes that are harvested.


What if I have a food allergy?


Italy is actually a great place to travel if you have food allergies or restrictions. Whether you are sensitive to gluten, lactose intolerant, or vegetarian, there are plenty of alternative food options to choose from. Just make sure to let the Explore reservations team, your tour leader, and your Italian hosts know, so we can accommodate your requirements.


What do I need to bring for my Italy food tour?


As our small group food tours involve a fair amount of walking, comfortable hiking or walking shoes are recommended. Layered clothing, sunscreen and a hat are also good items to pack. A more detailed list can be found on each tour page. Beyond that, just bring your appetite!

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