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Walking tours in England

Savor the timeless tradition of exploring England’s magnificent landscapes on one of our small group walking tours, with the promise of outdoor adventure, wildlife sightings and abundant opportunities to discover culture and history.

Since ancient times, England and walking have marched together hand in hand. Thanks to the country’s relatively gentle terrain of rolling hills and low mountains, as well as historic right of way laws allowing freedom to roam the footpaths and trails criss-crossing the countryside, walking in England is a storied and integral part of the nation’s culture. Walking tours in England, UK offer a uniquely engaging way in which to discover and connect with the country’s landscapes, history and people.

On our guided, small group walking holidays in England, you’ll ramble past ancient castles, hike up mountains, walk through forests and valleys, and stroll along coastlines. With fellow hikers and a tour leader, discover diverse birds and wildlife down age-old and modern-day trails. Our England walking tours take in many of the country’s finest walking destinations. Rewarding hikes and outdoor adventure in the Lake District and the county of Northumberland are complemented by visits to attractive towns and major archaeological sites.

Find out more about the best walking tours in England and what to expect on an England walking tour in the sections below.

Popular walking tours in England

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Best walks in England


Lake District

Named after its 16 glacial lakes lying amid forests and mountains in North West England, the Lake District is one of England’s top walking destinations, its rugged hills and stunning landscapes encompassing hiking paths to suit all abilities. The region’s idyllic scenery, tranquil towns of stone-built houses, and arcadian quality of life have inspired many great English poets and writers, from William Wordsmouth to Beatrix Potter.

Today, the majority of the region is protected as the expansive Lake District National Park. On our Walk the Lake District tour, you can explore its inspirational landscapes, from hiking up England’s highest mountain, Scafell Peak, to taking in panoramic views from the high ridges of Catbells Circular - one of the 35 best hikes in the world. Scan the countryside from fell-tops and along forest trails for wildlife such as Herdwick sheep and red deer, before exploring historic towns to visit traditional tea shops and pubs.


Follow in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims, discover stately castles and explore the serene countryside of Northern England’s Northumberland county on our Walk Northumberland tour. This bucolic region of rolling plains, rocky coastlines and seaside towns is known for its many battlements and ruins, including 14th-century Dunstanburgh Castle, and the ancient Roman fortification remains of Hadrian’s Wall.

The pristine expanses of Northumberland National Park offer regional outdoor adventure highlights, with remote hiking trails and some of the best stargazing in the country. At the end of unforgettable days spent exploring scenic landscapes and ancient ruins, you can enjoy relaxing evenings staying in some of the many historic inns peppering the county. Learn more about the region with our complete guide to Northumberland National Park.


Frequently asked questions about England walking tours

What is the best time of year to go walking in England?

With good weather, comfortable temperatures and the chance to appreciate spring flowers or the changing colors of autumn, late spring/early summer (April-June) and fall (September-October) are the best times to go walking in the English countryside. At these times you can avoid both the larger crowds and higher temperatures of summer, as well as winter’s cold weather and rainfall. But since this is England, it can rain at any time throughout the year, so it’s best to be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions no matter when you visit.

How difficult are Explore walking tours in England?

From the forested mountains of the Lake District to the rolling hills of the South Downs, Explore walking tours in England take in a wide range of landscapes, none of which are overly challenging to negotiate. Graded by level of difficulty, all England walking tours are of an easy-to-moderate level of difficulty. Most travelers in good physical condition should have no issues with the elevations or terrain. For practical tips and advice take a look at how to prepare for a walking tour.

What are the accommodations like on the England walking tours?

From charming historic inns and lodges to 3-star hotels, the accommodations you stay in each night during your tour provide all you need to unwind after days spent walking, from comfortable beds to Wi-fi, lounges, bars, and restaurants. 


What should I pack for my England walking tour?

Since the majority of your time is spent walking and hiking, comfortable and sturdy hiking shoes that have been broken in are a must. You should also pack layered clothing that you can take off or put on as weather cools or warms up during the day, as well as a hat, sunscreen, and waterproof jackets and outerwear. Although the climate in England is generally mild and temperate, the weather can change unexpectedly, so even in spring or summer, it’s best to pack your rain gear.


Who can go on an England walking tour?

Our small group walking tours are perfect for all kinds of travelers, from solo travelers who enjoy exploring alone but enjoy making new friends, to couples or family groups.