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Egypt is a place like no other. She mystifies and confounds. She humbles and dismays. She awes and astounds. What you see depends on which eyes you choose to look through; but no matter the lens, you will find paradox everywhere.

Travellers have been coming here for 3000 years to witness the magnificent temples and tombs of the old. Many still stand, steadfast as ever, amid contemporary buildings not a decade old crumbling in shambles. Locals carry on alongside the ancient monuments as they always have – just getting on. At every turn there are sights and sounds that previously only ever lived in your imagination: camels feeding at the side of dusty rural tracks, the call to prayer from a dozen minarets clashing outside your window and clouds of shisha smoke rising above backgammon boards.

The ancient rulers, rituals and ruins that captivated you as a curious child stand open for exploration. Likewise, Egypt’s natural wonders – epic desert terrain to multi-coloured marine life – will leave you breathless.

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The Nile is the central vein, still bumbling along, splitting the land mass unevenly into two vast sprawls of rugged desert. The sharp contrast between the lush, green Nile-side land and harsh, arid desert shocks in its abruptness. Much like the line between spaces populated and deserted. In crowded villages and vast urban areas, humanity seethes and oozes out of every crevice and alleyway but in the vast empty desert, life stops. The air is fresh and the silence more invasive than the strangely comforting cacophony of the cities.

When you first arrive, the sounds keep you awake at night. Donkeys shriek. Horns honk. People yell a lot, whether they’re haggling over the price of something, hollering their destination to a microbus driver or telling a joke. Stay long enough, and the sounds lull you to sleep. There’s always laughter. Everyone feels strangely like family and consequently gets too involved in everyone else’s business for anyone to ever have any privacy, or for anyone to ever really feel alone. God too seems ubiquitous and every other phrase reveals the spirit of Egypt. Hamdulil’allal (thank God), we have what we have. Insha’allah (God willing), it will be better tomorrow. Hamdulil’allah, Egypt is blessed.

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