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Syria Trips

Syria is a captivating land of ancient civilisations and trade routes. Explores tour of Syria helps you take a step back in time and visit the citadels, Crusader castles and Roman ruins. We also explore the vibrant souks that are amongst the most impressive found anywhere in the Middle East. 

Climb the impregnable turrets and towers of Krak des Chevaliers, set in a dramatic location this has to be the best preserved Crusader Castle in the Middle East. Explore the Roman ruins from Palmyra, set dramatically in the desert, to Apamea with its beautiful colonnaded streets and finally the city of Bosra uniquely constructed with black basalt. Alternatively wander through the labyrinth of covered souks in Aleppo and Damascus. Soak up the exotic atmosphere and indulge in some bartering with friendly traders.
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Ways to explore Syria

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