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Discover Saudi Arabia from the comfort of your home

When Saudi Arabia opened to tourists in 2019, it caught the attention of travellers across the globe. It’s a rare opportunity to travel to a lesser-visited country, and Saudi Arabia is a treasure trove of unfamiliar gems waiting to be discovered.

Register using the link below and book the date in your diary - we look forward to seeing you from 2pm EDT/11am PDT on 18 April. Join us from the comfort of your sofa (hopefully with a drink in hand) as we transport you to the extraordinary sights of Saudi Arabia.
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Enjoy expert insights

Discover a different side of this unique country as our Programme Manager, Carmel, recounts her travels through the Kingdom. Hear about the reality of traveling through this ultra-conservative nation as Carmel uncovers fascinating cultural traditions, recounts tales of friendly local people, talks about the must-see sites and landscapes and her experience traveling as a solo female.

Carmel will cover some of the most frequently asked questions about visiting Saudi Arabia, but we’d love you to get involved too. Simply pop your questions in the Q&A chat and we’ll answer them at the end of the event.