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Slow down your journey and take to the water - from serene lakes and rivers to vast open seas. From a tranquil Greek island or Maldives cruise, to a Galapagos sailing adventure or Antarctic expedition, we offer boat trips that you'll never forget.

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Popular Trips

9 Days

Kerala Backwaters

India Discovery Trip code KB
From US$940 without flights
13 Days

Senegal and The Gambia

Senegal, The Gambia Discovery Trip code SE
From US$2200 without flights
8 Days

Maldive Dhoni Cruise

Maldives Boat Journeys Trip code MC
From US$1560 without flights
10 Days

Classic Egypt with Nile Cruise

Egypt Boat Journeys Trip code EG
From US$1420 without flights
16 Days

Brazilian Amazon by Boat

Brazil Beyond Trip code BAM
From US$4440 without flights
8 Days

Greek Island Cruise

Greece Boat Journeys Trip code GC
From US$1060 without flights

Wherever possible we charter small boats exclusively for the Explore group, helping to make our boat-based holidays more informal, relaxed and flexible. Small boat journeys are a very different experience from cruising on large ships, where the sheer logistics of managing hundreds of people at mealtimes and on shore excursions can make the holiday feel busy and inflexible.      

Whether you’re tempted by the picturesque, whitewashed villages of the Greek Islands, the history-rich Turquoise Coast in Turkey or the spectacular gorges of the Yangtse in China, try a boat journey to experience a holiday with all the adventure, activity and relaxation you could want. 

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