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Cycling in Asia

Asia is the largest and most populous continent in the world, with a rich tapestry of cultures very distinct to those found in the West. The bike is still a very popular form of transport for many locals across the continent and by taking a cycle holiday you are able to get much closer to the local people and enrich your experience. Often the local people will be as curious about you holidaying on two wheels as you may be about them, and Asians are often known for their warm and courteous welcome. 

Covering such a large expanse of territory, Asia is inevitably very varied and historically diverse. Before sea trading routes were possible the West interchanged ideas and goods with the East along the ancient Silk Road. Until modern times, with the exception of the clock, almost all inventions originated in the ancient eastern cultures. The bike however was certainly an invention of the West, and spread eastwards throughout most of Asia. 

The Himalaya offers some epic cycle holidays with bike rides through jaw dropping mountain scenery. Also in the high mountains you can pedal into another world in the remote Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan, home to the gruelling ‘Tour of the Dragon’ bike race.


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India is a country of gigantic proportions well suited to biking holidays. With over a billion inhabitants from the Himalaya in the north down to the steamy coconut groves on the Keralan backwaters in the south, it is thriving with life and action. You can ride the back roads between Rajasthan’s remote villages, observing daily life along with the incredible Moghul architecture. Or you can ride an epic journey across the ceiling of the world in Ladakh’s mighty Himalaya. You can also take it in at an easier pace and bike the Malabar Coast and sleepy tropical backwaters of Kerala.

The island of Sri Lanka is famous for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and warm, welcoming people. Exploring the island by bike is a great way to get closer to the local people  and learn about their way of life.

A perfect destination for cycling holidays, South East Asia offers the visitor a typically friendly Buddhist welcome and a rewarding cycling holiday. From the western highlands of Vietnam, to the jungle-clad temples of Angkor in Cambodia to the off-beat regions in friendly Burma there is so much to explore on two wheels.  

The food in Asia is diverse and delicious, often healthy and a highlight of many people’s visit. Cycling helps build an appetite and everything tastes so much better when you’ve earned it!  

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