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Easy grade cycling trips

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Easy small group cycling trips

An easy grade cycling trip is the perfect introduction to a more active tour for beginners, exploring picturesque landscapes at a relaxed pace. Terrain will be generally flat with some gentle undulation, and few ascents and descents. You can expect to be cycling for around 2 to 4 hours or around 20 to 40 kilometres each day, with an Explore Leader guiding your group along the way. Support vehicles are also often a part of the ride, providing an extra peace of mind.

Easy grade cycling routes predominantly feature quiet tarmac roads and dedicated cycle paths, as well as other flatter terrain. From the saddle of your bike, you’ll explore villages and towns, stopping off to soak up places of interest and take in the natural beauty of your surroundings. If you’re not sure whether an easy grade cycling trip is for you, don’t worry - you decide your own pace! There’s no need to power through the journey, so simply take your time and enjoy the ride. You can also opt for an e-bike to make your journey even smoother.

An easy grade cycling tour is especially useful for beginners as you’ll spend plenty of time out of the saddle throughout your itinerary, creating a great balance of cycling, sightseeing, and relaxation. With no technical routes to tackle, beginner cyclists can focus on enjoying the scenery - from the scenic landscapes of Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, to the traffic-free paths in South Tyrol, easy grade cycling tours cover a multitude of iconic destinations.

Popular easy cycling trips

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8 Days From US$1910 without flights
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Cycling Trip code CBS
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9 Days From US$1240 without flights
8 Days From US$2200 without flights
India Cycling Trip code CKB
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13 Days From US$2600 without flights
Vietnam Cycling Trip code CVN
14 Days From US$2260 without flights


What can I expect?

To find out what you can expect on your cycling tour, check out the trip notes. Each day on the itinerary will include information such as the number of kilometres you’ll be cycling, as well as any notable ascents and descents. For an overview of the daily distances, check out the Cycling Information tab on each trip page. This will also give you an insight into the type of bike that’s included on the trip.


What should I pack?

Since easy grade cycling trips are less intensive, you won’t need to pack lots of kit. However, some things can make your journeys more comfortable, such as a pair of padded cycle gloves and padded shorts, or a gel seat cover. Clothing should be made of sweat-wicking fabrics, and easy to layer up - a windcheater or lightweight waterproof is ideal. Sun cream is also essential, though you can also bring a scarf or buff to keep the back of your neck protected.

We do not provide helmets, so you will need to ensure you bring a durable, fitted helmet. Large luggage will also be transported for you.


Do I need to prepare for an easy cycling trip?

Depending on your level of fitness and confidence on a bike, you may not need much preparation ahead of your trip. We recommend simply getting out on your bike in the weeks leading up to your holiday. If you’re unsure whether an easy cycling trip is right for you, you can replicate the cycle distances in your ideal itinerary.

What is an easy to moderate grade cycling trip?

An easy to moderate grade cycling trip features an itinerary with a variety of cycling days. Some days will have an easier, flatter route, while others will be a moderate grade with some more energetic ascents and descents to challenge you. If you’re unsure which grade will be right for you, we recommend choosing at least half a grade lower.

Can I use an e-bike?

If you’re not sure whether or not a cycling tour is right for you, or are worried about fitness, an e-bike can make your ride even easier. Powered by a battery and motor, e-bikes feature adjustable assistance, meaning you can still enjoy an active ride or simply cruise along. Many of our cycling trips have e-bikes available, especially across Europe, and thanks to the ever-increasing popularity, they are frequently available worldwide. To find out if they’re available on your chosen trip, check the ‘Cycling Information’ tab, or give us a call.

Are easy grade cycling trips good for families?

If you’re keen to get the whole family on an easy grade cycling trip, we recommend getting in touch to ensure we find the perfect itinerary for everyone. However, our easy grade cycling tours that are off roads are the most suitable for families due to their gentler pace.

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