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Solo Hiking Tours

Walking and trekking can be a great way to explore new destinations. Join like-minded travelers on our small group solo tours as a solo traveler. Enjoy a balance of socializing and time to yourself on a walking vacation.
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Small group walking vacations for singles

From a leisurely walk along breath-taking coastline to challenging, once-in-a-lifetime treks up some of the world’s iconic mountains – joining a small group walking or trekking vacation as a solo traveler can be a great way to explore new destinations.
You’ll be in great company too. Our trips attract people from all over the world who love to explore, discover and share their love for travel. Our average small group size is just 11 people and includes around half singles and the rest coupes of friends traveling together. You’ll get the benefits of traveling in a group, including opportunities to socialize and the safety of group travel, whilst enjoying the simplicity and ‘me time’ of solo travel.

Explore your chosen destination at your own pace. Our walking and trekking vacations are graded from Easy to Challenging. Plus, our expert tour leaders will help you get to the heart of your destination and take away all the hassle of route planning.

New to Explore? We’ve answered some of the most-asked questions about joining our tours as a solo traveler.


Walking, hiking & trekking for singles

From leisurely paced walks along breathtaking coastlines, to more challenging treks up some of the world's most awesome mountains, our small group Walking and Trekking Trips offer everything you need for a more active adventure vacation. As they're guided by expert leaders, who ensure that all of the details are taken care of, they make perfect walking trips for solo travelers - all you need to worry abut is packing your most comfortable boots.

In fact, our walking and trekking vacations are some of our most popular group adventure trips of all, as they're a fantastic way to explore a new destination and take in its most unforgettable sights, sounds and scents. Our best-selling Amalfi Coast Walking vacation will take you along this spectacular Italian coastline and culminate with the famous 'Walk of the Gods', but with an easy pace, you'll have plenty of time and opportunity to enjoy delicious Italian cuisine and wine along the way - no wonder it's a favorite walking trip for solo travelers.

Or for solo travelers who really want to tick some destinations off their bucket list, there's our highly popular Toubkal Climb, on which you and your fellow travelers will be led through some of Morocco's most exciting scenery, and towards Jebel Toubkal - North Africa's highest peak at 4167m, and from where the whole of the Atlas mountain range will unfold before you.

Travel solo, but never alone

What makes our trekking and walking trips popular with single travelers is that you get all of the thrill and authenticity of solo travel, but without being alone. On any of our small group adventure vacations you could be joined by every type of traveler, including families, couples, and indeed fellow solo adventurers, so you're sure to meet some interesting people to share your experience with.

Included in the cost of your walking or trekking vacation with Explore is your accommodation, travel and activities, as well as some or all of your meals (you'll find full details on the individual trip page) plus your flights, if you wish. With the details taken care of and your itinerary carefully planned, all you need to do is arrive, and enjoy every minute of your trip. You'll also have plenty of free time scheduled in too - and whether you'd like to use that to explore your destination further, or just indulge in some relaxing downtime, how you spend that is up to you.

Our most popular solo walking tours

Italy Walking and Trekking Trip code NAW
Best Seller
8 Days From US$1750 without flights
Jordan Walking and Trekking Trip code TP
Best Seller
8 Days From US$1560 without flights
Madeira, Portugal Walking and Trekking Trip code TM
Best Seller
8 Days From US$1210 without flights
Morocco Walking and Trekking Trip code MJ
Best Seller
7 Days From US$670 without flights
Spain, Canary Islands Walking and Trekking Trip code LOC
Best Seller
8 Days From US$1360 without flights
North Cyprus Walking and Trekking Trip code LNC
Best Seller
8 Days From US$890 without flights

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