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Walking trips for over 50s

Not only does a walking trip bring you closer to the local people and culture of a destination, but your health will benefit too. And with trips of varying difficulty available, there's something for everyone, whatever your age.
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Walking trips for 50+ year olds

Our small group walking tours are enjoyed by travelers of all ages but are particularly popular with the over 50s. Whether you're an experienced hiker or enjoy a more leisurely stroll, we have a range of walking trips that are graded from easy through to challenging so you can pick the best level to suit you.

Your knowledgeable Explore leader will look after all of the planning and logistics, so all you need to do is turn up and enjoy the journey! They will also share all of their favorite secret spots and interesting insights into the places you visit. 

Never trekked with Explore before? We've answered some of the most-asked questions about our small group walking tours. 
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Popular walking trips for over 50s

Italy Walking and Trekking Trip code NAW
Best Seller
8 Days From US$1470 without flights
Greece Walking and Trekking Trip code CR
8 Days From US$1210 without flights
Madeira, Portugal Walking and Trekking Trip code TM
Best Seller
8 Days From US$1180 without flights
Spain, Canary Islands Walking and Trekking Trip code OC
8 Days From US$1590 without flights
Azores, Portugal Walking and Trekking Trip code AZ
Best Seller
14 Days From US$2880 without flights
Peru Walking and Trekking Trip code PE
19 Days From US$3480 without flights

Easy walking trips for over 50s

Our easy and easy-to-moderate walking trips are the ideal starting point for over 50s who have never been on a walking vacation before. Enjoy good-quality paths at low altitude with the occasional ascent to a panoramic viewpoint. Explore clifftop walking trails and pristine golden beaches on a walking tour along Italy's Amalfi Coast, or chat with newfound friends as you wander along the wild flower-lined paths of Northern Cyprus

Moderate walking trips for over 50s

If you have a good level of fitness and can walk 3-7 hours a day with a few demanding ascents, our moderate walking trips will take you to some of the most enjoyable walking destinations in the world. 

Discover time-forgotten ancient villages and uncover picture-postcard views along Turkey's iconic Lycian Way, or embark on the famous pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in Spain for a spiritual trek via remote rural farmland and medieval villages. 

For a walking adventure further afield, our treks in the Canary Islands combine towering volcanic sierras with black sand beaches and verdant cloud forests. And the island of Madeira's unique network of mossy levadas and cascading waterfalls provide the perfect backdrop for an active walking trip. 

Challenging walking trips for over 50s

For over 50s who want a bit more of a challenge, you might consider a once-in-a-lifetime walking trip to Peru to trek along the Inca Trail. With plenty of ascending, some rough terrain and camping en route, you'll need to be fit, but the opportunity to walk to the famous ruins of Machu Picchu is on many a hiker's bucket list. 

Self-guided walking trips for over 50s

Don't fancy walking with a group, but also don't want to worry about route planning? Our self-guided walking vacations are an excellent option. Offering you maximum flexibility, you can choose the dates you travel, walk solo or with a partner/friends, and explore at your own pace. We'll provide you with detailed route guides and maps and even arrange for your luggage to be transferred to each overnight stop. 

Whether you walk the Rota Vicentina trail along the wild coastlines of Portugal, ascend Gran Canaria's highest peak on a Canary Islands walking tour, or hike through the lush valleys of Crete's White Mountains, we have plenty of self-guided walking trails suitable for travelers over 50. 

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