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Share your travel photos

We'd love to see your photos! Send us your favourite photos from your Explore adventures for a chance to win up to £500 towards your next trip.


We'd love to see your travel photos - win up to £500 off your next trip!

We're always on the hunt for authentic photos from our trips to add to our gallery of extraordinary destinations and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We’d love you to help out by sharing your favourite travel photos – and you could win up to £500 off your next trip! Win-win. 

Submit your photos using the form below by 31 July and we'll be choosing our three favourites to win Explore vouchers. The three selected photos will win:

Winner - £500 voucher
First runner up - £250 voucher
Second runner up - £100 voucher

Tips for submitting photos

Whilst we'd love to see all photos from our trips, there are a few things we're looking for in particular. We'd like to see the following types of photos: 

• Iconic landscape shots
• A memorable activity or experience you took part in
• Photos of you or your family/friends on the trip
• Interactions with your tour leader
• Wildlife experiences
• Photos of locals

Unfortunately we're not able to use any close-up photos of people from your group as we would need their written consent. However we can use them if faces are not visible (i.e. it shows the backs of heads) or if the shot is taken from afar, like this amazing photo of Wadi Rum in Jordan taken by Alex Davis. 

See below for some examples of the kind of stunning photos we're looking for more of.


Previous customer photo entries

1 / 13

A group overlooking Petra in Jordan - Photo by Kim Gardiner

2 / 13
An African Oxpecker on the Botswana Wildlife Safari - Photo by David Stroud
3 / 13
Highlights of Assam and Nagaland - Photo by Deborah Mathews
4 / 13
Running down the Cerro Negro volcano - Photo by Andrew Heppleston
5 / 13
Cappadocia - Photo by Tim Hawkins
6 / 13
Rock carvings at Jubbah - Photo by Roy Stout
7 / 13
Sunset in the Maldives - Photo by Rebecca Barker
8 / 13
"Running Cactus" alongside Levada above Ribeiro Brava - Photo by Paul Burton
9 / 13
Taking the catch to market - Photo by Brian Holmes
10 / 13
The Blue Mosque at dusk - Photo by Michael Smith
11 / 13
Dead Vlei in Namibia - Photo by Gregory Praud
12 / 13
Osh Market, Bishkek - Photo by Jane Thakker
13 / 13
Morocco - Photo by Angela Grim

Elephants at sunset photo at the top of the page by Malcolm Parrack

What we can't accept

  • More than three photograph entries per person
  • Photographs that were not taken on an Explore trip
  • Photographs that were not taken by you
  • Entries from anyone under the age of 18 years
  • Photographs that include EU citizens faces, without written consent from those individuals
  • Photographs that have been sold commercially and have already been published, online or in print

Terms & Conditions

  1. Photos will be accepted up until 31 July 2024.
  2. Images submitted must have been taken by the person credited by you.
  3. If you are not the photographer you must have permission from the person who took the photograph to submit it to the competition. Please send a copy of the written consent to (either from a photograph or scan of a written note or document) which explicitly provides consent from the named third party.
  4. Explore reserves the right to reject any photo on the grounds that ownership of the photograph is unclear, or if it is decided by Explore staff that any of the terms and conditions have been broken.
  5. You must state which Explore trip and the date the photograph was taken when you submit your photo. 
  6. Photos must be GDPR compliant. If a photo contains an identifiable human subject who is also an EU citizen, then written consent for their likeness to be shared with Explore for the purpose of this and subsequent usage thereafter must be attained from this individual.  Please send a copy of the written consent to (either from a photograph or scan of a written note or document) which explicitly provides consent from the data subject.
  7. Photographs must be high resolution and at least 1MB in size.
  8. If an expense is incurred to send your photograph to Explore, Explore is not liable to reimburse you.
  9. Explore reserves the right to modify submitted photos, including but not limited to resizing, cropping or colour adjustment as necessary.
  10. Each entrant is only permitted to submit up to three photographs.
  11. Enquiries should be emailed to
  12. By submitting your photo, you are consenting to accepting our terms and conditions.
  13. By submitting your photo you are giving Explore permission to publish your photograph and for it to be kept on file for promotional use elsewhere by Explore for an indefinite period of time.
  14. Our favourite images will be submitted to our photo library. We will notify the three winners within 28 days of the closing date. The voucher cannot be redeemed against any existing bookings and Explore Booking Conditions apply. 
  15. There is no cash or other alternative and the prize is not transferable.

Credit Voucher Terms


Terms of Use:
  1. Credit is valid for 12 months from issue date, but travel can be later.
  2. Credit may not be exchanged for cash and is non-transferrable.
  3. Credit cannot be redeemed against existing bookings.
  4. If credit is applied to a booking of a lesser value, the difference will be lost and refunds will not be given for unused credit.
Redemption Instructions:
  1. Credit is saved against your unique Customer ID.
  2. Phone bookings: just let our team know you have a credit against your Customer ID.
  3. Online bookings: email the above details and your new booking reference to
  4. We will apply the credit as a method of payment – not a discount.
  5. Credit can be used towards balance or as part of deposit.